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Preeclampsia questions?

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I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with horrendous swelling of my feet hands and face. I have server itching on the souls of my feet palms of my hands and my legs, dizziness, headaches , reduced peeing(16 hours between each pee at the moment) , been to my midwife who took my blood and tested my wee but said I’m fine & it’s just pregnancy , has anyone else had these symptoms and ever had preeclampsia? I have a huge family history of it along side still births so I’m seriously on edge as my midwife doesn’t seem to listen and just fobs me off!!

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Hun if I was you I would ring epu or maternity ward , don’t listen to the midwife go with your gut and get checked out.

Midwife should get you checked out especially with your family history. Xx

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Im sorry to hear of your symptoms and that you are feeling this way about your midwife... can you not speak to her supervisor and explain how you feel. Perhaps request another midwife? It is such a worrying time for you given the family history.

I agree with sisi get yourself checked out at EPU. Hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well and praying you have a swift delivery xxx

I would go see my gp. Did midwife do your blood pressure? This is a big indicator for pre eclampsia.

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Definitely get a second opinion. Itching palms and soles of feet can be a serious condition called cholestasis... although other itching is common in pregnancy, this is supposedly next level itch!

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