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Sweep and Being Induced

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Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can help. I am 39 weeks pregnant and I had a sweep performed on monday at 38 weeks and 5 days. I am due another sweep next monday and have been booked in to be induced next Wednesday due to this pregnanacy being successful due to IVF.

Has anyone gone into spontanous labour due to the sweep? I really want to avoid being induced as I think it will be more stress on the baby.

So far I have been drinking rasberry leaf tea (from 34 weeks), been eating 4 dates a day. I was told by my midwife to stimulate my nipples!! Being going for walks. I have heard of eating spicy food and having sex!

I just wanted to hear success stories of a sweep actually working. I was told by my midwife that my cervix was closed on Monday, can alot change in a week? I am just worried it will still be closed next monday!!



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I’ve no success story but just wanted to say good luck and I hope things have changed since your sweep xx

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Thank you Hun! Can't believe how quick time has gone that baby is due to arrive soon! X

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It’s amazing how soon it comes around! Hopefully it won’t be long until baby is in your arms and then time seems to go even quicker 😫 xx

When I had my sweep they found I was already dilated but I do understand things can change in literally hours sometimes. It doesn't cause stress to baby although not very comfy for you. Keep an eye in baby's movements and if anything at all worries you don't let them fob you off, get checked, you know your bump best xxxx

Good luck for this last hurdle xx

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Thank you very much :) I was told my cervix was closed shut! Hoping by next week I might be a little bit dialted. Did you end up having a natural birth? Xx

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Sorry for delayed reply my dear. Yes I had a natural birth but with forceps. Hope you've had your little one? xx

Hun next week it could be open and dilated. My little girl baby 3 went over by 14 days even though at my sweeps I was 2 & 3cm dilated she didn’t want to come out. When I went into hospital they just broke my waters and I was monitored and 5 hours later she was born naturally with only half hour of intense pain.

I’ve been induced twice , it’s not that bad but everything just happens quicker.

I was taking evening primrose which helped soften my cervix . Have you got a ball to bounce on ? After they do a sweep just try and do a long walk after if possible, obviously sex (semen ) softens the cervix too.

I am 36 weeks now so counting my days down too.

I wish you the very best xx

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Hey Hun, thank you so much for your reply. I have been bouncing on the ball and going for a daily walk! I have just heard negative stories about being induced and have to say yours is probably the first positive! It's nice to know it's not all doom and gloom with being induced. Not long left until your second baby!! Good luck for it. And thanks for your reply xx

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Aw it’s not that bad hun but it’s like everything really some ppl have good experiences and some have bad some people have high pain threshold and some low , I have a high one which I’m thankful for as this is baby number 4 I have 3 daughters 16,14, 4 and this baby is my rainbow 🌈 baby and it’s a boy I’ve never had any pain relief just believed in mind over matter and breathed them through I don’t know how sometimes lol . It seems to be the case of horror stories when your pregnant and hard to find the positive ones.

Your doing great at what your doing hun just enjoy every day as it’s soon to change lol for the better but always mad lol. I wish you the very best xxx

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Thank you very much for your comment :) I will see what the following week brings. I have been bouncing on the ball, but not for ages just 15 minutes here and there. I have been drinking rasberry leaf tea and eating dates! Like you said it all depends on each individual. Good luck for your birth too :) x

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Sisi14 in reply to NDE1987

Well I wish you all the best and a smooth labour. Keep us updated on you on baby xx

I’m in a similar position in that my cervix was still posterior this Monday and I’ve another sweep next Monday which is 40 weeks. Lots of my friends have found that sweeps work, but they’ve all been overdue when they’ve had them.

There’s no particularly good evidence that you need to be induced early just due to being an ivf pregnancy as far as I know. I’m both ivf and over 40 and my consultant is letting me go to 40+5 before I am induced. Even the evidence of additional risk of being over 40 with first baby is not all that strong. So maybe consider whether you want to let them induce you that early- remember, your body, your baby, your choice x

Ps other things I’ve heard are clary sage oil, acupuncture and reflexology. I’ve just had reflexology today and it was lovely so if it works that’s just a bonus! I’m 39+2 today x

Hey hun! Thank you for your reply. Since the beggining of the pregnancy they have mentioned being induced if the baby isnt here on his due date. I am 31 so I thought they would let me go over. They keep saying to me that the placenta dosen't function as well after the due date. I don't know how true this is etc. I have had a spicy nandos and going again this weekend LOL. One way or another we will get this baby out!! How are you feeling? Such an exciting time for us!! We may give birth on the same date haha. Enjoy this time :) xx

I have been on baby aspirin since twelve weeks to support placenta due to this issue but they really don’t seem too worried, as I say, they’re letting me go five days over. I hope you can persuade baby to make an appearance soon but if not I’ve heard loads of positive induction stories and I was induced myself so I’m not worrying too much about this option... at least it means my baby will be here before Xmas!! Good luck x

Thank you for your comment. I think I need to get the negative stories out of my head! I shall be more positive :) x

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