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Baby boy arrived safely! Low birth weight !?

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Just to let you guys know our baby boy was born by spontaneous labour yesterday afternoon weighing a tiny 4lb 12oz at 39 +2 weeks! We were not expecting him to be this small as my 36 week growth scan showed him to be 5.5 pounds! Just shows there not always accurate! Baby doing well just has low blood sugars so regular 3 hourly feeds :) anyone else had a baby at 39weeks weighing so little!?

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Congratulations xx

I wasn’t in this situation (my boy was 8lbs5 at 40 weeks) but just wanted to say congratulations on your new arrival and hope everything is ok xx

My good friend did (also unexpectedly small- less than 4lb) and now has a happy healthy three year old who has hit all her milestones at the right time or early. She is still quite diddy though!

First of all congratulations.

I had my twins born 4lb 13 and 5lb 3 at 35 weeks . Not 39 weeks but just wanted to send you all the best xx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations xx

Congratulations wow he is tiny my son was born at 33 weeks weighing 4lb 10 xx

A huge congratulations to you on your beautiful son !

No experience as of yet Hun but I had my scan last week 35+4 to say he looks like he’s going up now and is about 5lb 6oz, I will be having him at 39 weeks also so we will see what he’s weight will be xx hope your both doing well xx

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