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Extreme Exhaustion 8 weeks


Hi all, I’ve read pretty much everywhere that tiredness is a very common first trimester symptom but I almost fell asleep in work today and driving home I felt unsafe operating a car!

I’ve even succumb to weekend naps which is so out of character for me and going to bed early. On top of that since week 6 I’ve been having all-the-god-dam-day sickness. Please tell me this doesn’t last? How do you get anything done! Also how do you get more energy while in the early stages? X

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I'm hoping your sickness passes when you reach second trimester.

I was the same energy wise, all the baby's organs are forming which steals all your energy. I was tired like this until about 20 weeks but that's come back again at 28 weeks. Growing a tiny human is tiring work! Hope you feel better soon, just resting as much as you can is all I can suggest really. Xx

I was one of the lucky ones and didn’t suffer morning sickness I did feel queasy but only in the early stages. As for the tiredness I think mine went before 12 weeks and I don’t recall ever feeling that exhausted again. Good luck x

I know how you feel with the tiredness, I felt exhausted in the first 13 weeks then it went and came back at 24 weeks. I literally wake up and within 1/2 hours I could go back too sleep. The joys of pregnancy, I recommended taking naps whenever you can, your baby is taking everything from you and your left with the tiny bits, which is making you feel like this. Just take it easy and rest when you can. xx

Like you, I have been suffering from extreme fatigue and all day nausea. The good news - the fatigue passed after only a couple of weeks. The bad news, 3 weeks later I still feel sick from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them again.

A couple of things sometimes help- eating ginger biscuits first thing in the morning is one, and another is actually eating - however painful it is to cook the food, when I come to eating it I get a 10 minute release from feeling sick.

My doctor also signed me off for 2 weeks which really helped with the tiredness, and meant i could just go to bed when the nausea became too much. He also prescribed me some medication although this doesn't seem to be helping me at all.

Mostly I just remind myself that it WILL eventually stop and that it WILL be worth it in the end..

Hope yours passes soon - good luck

This really does sound normal. In the first fourteen weeks my life shrank to get up, go to work, home to eat if I could, straight to bed before 8pm. I cut out everything else (no housework, hubbie had to do the food shopping, no social life) and weekend naps a-go-go (this part comes back in third trimester).

Once you tell people any friends with children will tell you they were the same and you’ll wonder how so many people get through it and don’t mention it at the time!!

Oh tell me.

I'm in bed most of time, tired all the time like I'm carrying a truck on my shoulders I'm 6weeks only and it has been more than a week now. Oh god! Feeling sick is the worst🙊. Now, I feel for my mum bless mothers. Hope it will be gone soon because it's really affecting my social and professional lives. Fingers crossedX

I basically felt like I had the mother of all hangovers for the first 20 or so weeks! I was also struggling with gestational diabetes and didn't know until my 28 weeks test so I am sure that played a part in how crap I was feeling (sugar binges because I was so tired then crashing and feeling worse!).

Good news is I completely did a 180 in my third trimester and it was the most amazing time (apart from needing to wee every 15 minutes lol) I felt GREAT. most women I know hated the third trimester and felt fab during the second so it's really different for everyone.

The sickness is just horrible and I really relate. I would cry in the shower and drink ice cold water (while crying) and that actually helped. The cold water did i mean, probably not so much the crying lol. I got so sick of ginger and peppermint tea. I did use those seabands and they kind of helped? It's really just time, and getting through each week that cures it. All worth it though (I got so sick of ppl saying that to me but now I'm out the other side I can say it's so so true!) Xx

I also had extreme tiredness and physical sickness from week 6. At the beginning I was suffering so much with both I would nap in the day for around 2 hours at a time and could easily go to sleep at 8pm. I work for myself which gave me a bit of freedom but I still struggled because I had work to do.

If I was still in regular employment I would have gone to the dr straight away because in couldn’t have worked and I assumed they would have had to sign me off. I am usually a really motivated character that loves my job but that disappeared for quite a few weeks.

I’m currently at week 15 and the tiredness is now starting to wear off but I still have reminants of sickness.

I really feel for you but I guess you can only do what you can manage. I did see a tip in a book by Clemmie Hooper that said if you go to work try and nap in your lunch. I’m not sure how many people actually take a full lunch these days!

All will be well in a few weeks when you get your energy back.

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