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Under consultant at hospital

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Last week I went for a scan at 12 week, everything appeared normal baby was very active and they measured it all fine.

Had my booking bloods taken as my midwife had struggled to get blood from me. Provided a urine sample as well.

Just had a letter through the door to say I’ve got an appointment with a consultant in the ante natal clinic. It doesn’t give me any if information to say what for, it’s not till January I’ll be about 18 weeks.

Should I be worried? I just wasn’t expecting to need to see the consultant. Anyone got any similar experiences?


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Some areas just do it for precaution and you see them once and they sign you off.

Or have you had ivf or any other problems?

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Burkey23 in reply to jupiter1234

Thanks for your reply. I had to go in at 8 weeks for a suspected blood clot on the lung they checked and said it was just an infection. Reading around and some say it can be bmi mine is 32 so over.

Going to ring in morning and hopefully get some answers, it’s just worrying when your not expecting it. Thanks

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I’m consultant led , sometimes is your BMI , if you have any previous health problems, what blood type you are. Don’t let it stress you out hun you might be just getting checked over and then they decide to sign you to midwife or keep with them too. I see both. Xx

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jupiter1234 in reply to Burkey23

Aw okay I'm sure if you ring them they will help. But don't stress. Normally nothing to worry about x x

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Ghosty1 in reply to Burkey23

I had to see consultant last week for the same thing. But not as was my sister who had blood issues. They just like to see you out of precaution. I just got told how to sit, signs to look out for, medical history, family history them I was free to go and discharged. Good luck xx

Yeah it’s normal I had a letter with my last pregnancy

I don't think it's normal, as in they wouldn't just send that letter unless you fall into one of their risk categories.

Being in a risk category however doesn't have to mean that something is 'wrong', and by the sounds of it it could just be your BMI.

I was under consultant care for various reasons:

No1 and No2: underachieve thyroid (lifelong thing - it just means the baby could not grow as well as supposed to, so I got additional scans and more check ups, especially bloods to make sure that my medication doesn't need adjusting)

No3: ectopic pregnancy so ended early with surgery

No4: currently 22 weeks

I'm under lots of care now, first of all because of the ectopic - I had 6 scans by the time I was 12 weeks. Then obviously because of the thyroid, so I get additional scans and blood tests.

And I now also have a heart condition which means I need to see the anesthetist later on, have more scans and check ups, need to take aspirin, have stockings to wear and see a heart specialist every 5 weeks. I also get a special delivery plan and meet the delivery team at 36 weeks so they know me and have medication on standby should my heart go crazy during birth. What initially sounds scary, I have worked out is a good thing. They are being very cautious with pregnant women and tend to give a lot of additional care to those who have a condition that MAY have an impact on their or their baby's health.

So personally I'd do the following:

1. go back to your maternity notes: there is a section for 'risk', some sort of questionnaire where they add up risk factor points. If yours is 3 or higher then they tend to arrange for you to see a consultant and check what your risk factors are and whether you may need continuous extra care throughout your pregnancy.

2. if your risk factors there are low then I'd call just to check. Could it be your 16 week midwife check up appointment rather than a specialist appointment? What you don't want is to stress out and worry unnecessarily

3. if you have risk factors, then find out what they are, maybe read up on them and go into the consultation prepared with questions. Like I said, I think it's a good thing to have those appointments, not something to worry about. It means they take your health and your baby's health seriously and want to make sure that you're looked after well.

All the best!

I’m going to be seen by a consultant too, as my bmi is over 30, I was told this in my booking appointment, I don’t think it’s much to be worried about, my midwife said chances are I’ll only see them once, as aside from suffering from hyperemesis I’m in good health x

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