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Weight gain


Hey everyone,

I don't weigh myself ever as I used to get a bit fixated on it and usually just go by my clothes and generally how I'm feeling etcm I was 71kg at the start of pregnancy, I'm 5"10 so this was slim for me, and I had just gotten married and was busy decorating etc. I'm now 84kg!! But I'm only 27 weeks. I haven't put on weight anywhere except bump, boobs and hips and I'm wearing the same maternity jeans since week 8. Face and arms exactly the same and I'm still able to see my ribs, still have a waist. According to pregnancy weight gain calculators I am already heavier than I should be at 40 weeks! I have appointment with midwife on Thursday so will ask her about it but I still feel like this number is huge but I don't look like ive put on much weight. Everyone keeps saying how slim I still am etc?

How has everyone else been doing with weight??

(My diet is fine, I'm not looking for diet tips or advice, still eating lots of fruit and vegetables, salads and lean meat but am snacking more, mostly yogurt, nuts, cereal bars and odd chocolate)

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I wouldn't worry so much on the number like you say you have a healthy diet and all the weight is in the right places you might find you're carry a lot of water which will add to the weight im sure the midwife will say the same as it does vary from woman to woman so long as your blood pressure is fine and have no swelling I wouldnt worry so long as babbba is happy in there and you feel happy thats all that matters im just not brave enough to step on the scales i dont want to know!!! 😯 take care xxx

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