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I felt a pop and hush of blood- 7 weeks pg

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Hi, I’m currently 7weeks pg, last night I got up from the table and felt a ‘pop’ then a gush, it was blood and I passed a clot. But that was it, no bleeding overnight or this morning. Went to hospital today and Dr did blood test, Internal exam was good and my cervix is closed. Blood test came back good, they said they didn’t think I needed an internal scan, but I just don’t know how to feel, I’m still in limbo, I want to know why I bled and if something is wrong with the pregnancy! (I had a miscarriage in January at 7 weeks too but this feels different)

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Hopefully if they have done all the tests then everything will be fine as they have said. Was there any reason why they didn't scan?

Lots of people on here have had different bleeds at different times and all been well.

Wishing you all the best xxx

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They said they didn’t think there was any need as it was probably too early to hear/see anything. X

Hunni if your still worried and it’s playing on your mind you should request a scan I would just so you have answers to what it was. Zx

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Thank you, I have my first dr appointment on Tuesday so will seeing what she says x

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Good luck and I wish you well xx

At 7 weeks they should be able to see a heart beat so I’d go back as well.

Due to a previous ectopic I had a scan at 6+1 and saw a heart beat. Through a support group I know a lot of ladies who have scans around that time and see a heart beat.

I had bleeding at 6 weeks and again at 10 weeks - I had a scan at 7 weeks, they saw the baby and a heartbeat but found no cause for the bleeding. I had further scan after more bleeding and they confirmed it was a subchorionic haematoma.

Which is an area of bleeding where the pregnancy has implanted. The Doctor told me it was very common and despite in some cases there being quite a lot of bleeding, it rarely affects the developing pregnancy. They usually go away on their own, either being absorbed by your body or through further bleeding. They keep an eye on it on your routine scans and mine disappeared by my 12 week scan.

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Milly39 in reply to JulesNottm

Thanks Jules, I really still feel in Limbo, just not getting my hopes up too much till everything is confirmed, but crossing everything xxx

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I totally understand that Milly - I was really nervous myself and couldn't 100% relax until I had my 12 week scan. Keeping everything crossed for a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

Just for reassurance go back and request the scan, by 7 weeks you would definitely see the baby xxxxxxx

I had a similar thing around 6 weeks. I had a scan then which showed an empty sac and then one a week later showed a heartbeat. I had spotting until 13 weeks due to a subchorionic haematoma. This has now disappeared on my last scans.

There is nothing they can do but a scan might at least reassure you and they should see a heartbeat if you are over 7 weeks.


Saw Dr today, she did another pregnancy test which was positive and has taken more bloods, hopefully results on Thursday, if that is a positive result she will book me in for an early scan, feeling slightly more positive x

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Keeping everything crossed for you, Milly. Look after yourself and try to take it easy (tough I know) x

The Dr got back with blood results and the Hcg levels increased by 11 thousand in 5 days so that’s really positive, just waiting for her to book me an early pregnancy scan on Monday x

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Great news Milly - fingers crossed you don't have too long to wait to see your little baby on your scan x

I had a early pregnancy scan on Friday and we have a heartbeat 💗, clear scan very happy 😃 x

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Sisi14 in reply to Milly39

Congratulations glad everything went well xx

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