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Feeling confused


Hi dear mother's and mother's to be , So my story here is like this ,last year I thought I was pregnant as I had missed my periods and had all the symptoms and signs of pregnancy, only went for an appointment at 12 weeks and boom the worst news I'd never imagined to hear,I had what they called a Complete molar pregnancy, booked for d &c ,after that went for HCG levels checkups only to find they were not coming down had to do 5 rounds of chemotherapy (Dactinomycin) and they hit 0 ,And now fear is I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm only 6 weeks I don't know if should be happy or what I'm just not relaxed and I'm confused ..Help me mommy's if any of u had experienced this before!!!

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Congratulations. It's so hard to not fixate on what has gone wrong in the past. But you must try to do that. You can also get an early scan at this point to check that your pregnancy is where it should be.

Go to your gp as soon as you can and share your fears.


MonicaTk in reply to Camillage

Thank you ,I will certainly will as I'm concerned and worried a lot .

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