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Can it be cryptic?


I believe I'm few months pregnant.missed my period in August and sept for the first time ever.did urine pt ,but came bk neg.since then have having several pregnancy symptoms.back pain,bloated stomach,increased appetite,bigger and sore breast,gained weight a lot .infact its so obvious i'm pregnant.people close to me has been congratulating me even without telling them anything about it.haven't done another urine or blood test.i'm just scared coupled with the fact that I spotted in oct for 1week and in nov for 3 days now though not heavy.I'm just confused.though I visited a local midwife who checked me and said there is a baby.but have not been to a hospital.dont know if I should just believe with faith that i'm pregnant or go for scan.I don't want to be disappointed.has anyone experienced this b4.

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I would definitely do another test or atleast a scan? How can the midwife tell you there's definetly a baby in there when you havent had any positive confirmation? The body can mimic pregnancy symptoms quiet easily! I had a 6 week scan even after 4 positive tests just to make sure!

Why if you think you are pregnant are you not having anti natal care? Because you’d be what 4 mths pregnant? You should have had a scan by now.

Oh dear, I would go and see your doctor. They can do the test for you if your worried.

You absolutely need to go - give them a call that’s what they are there for.


You definitely need to be seen by a doctor, you can go to your GP, they’ll do a urine test, and a blood test probably (it doesn’t hurt) as well as a scan. It’s important that you get medical help not only for you but for the possible baby, have you been taking folic acid? As that’s important for the baby’s development, I know you might have your own reasons for not seeking medical help earlier but it’s now important that you do in case you are pregnant so the baby can get all the help they need to develop properly

GloKezzy11 in reply to Nin21996

Yeah,I have been taking follic acid.Thanks

If cryptic scan wont show baby. If im 15 months pregnancy.... Ive been put into mental hospital aroubd my expected due date.... As I belived I was in labour. If ive had no medical help whatso ever. If I have a foppler I have lostened to veans heart beat for months now. Im praying im actually going into paypal labour As quite alot of niggling pains and jabs from bean. Not even my family belive me I havent spoke to anyone apart from a gd friend abpit it for ages. I never heard of cryptic pregnancy until my personal experience and ive lived by google and have researched everything. And without a single doubt in my mind I know I am soon to be delivering my own baby. I can prove that ive been pregnancy 15 labour months as dna to beans daddy, the last time I seen him was around time of conception. Before he downgraded lol. My baby Will need anti d, unfortunatly unable to have it in pregnancy. If so fingers crossed our blood dosebt mix or we could both be poorly. I Will say this thou..... This pregnancy has ruined my life!!!!!

Excuse typo

Extra words and mis-spelt words lol

GloKezzy11 in reply to Crypticme

Lol,I understood.keep me posted on how everything goes

Why have you not had any more tests and why did the medical person you saw not insist that you go and register your pregnancy? You need to IMMEDIATELY get medical help and support for this pregnancy. Call your Dr or the hospital right away. Xx

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