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Anyone have nightsickness?

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So after taking paracetamols last night my headache eased and although I was feeling queasy from the smell of my dinner I managed to fall asleep. The past two nights I have been waking at 1.30 to 2am and last night was feeling sick and was sick then felt better straight after . Could this be pregnancy related or a bug? I always seem to feel more off as the day goes on x

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Hi Gem1982

I have been lucky enough not to yet had full on sickness. However I have been waking up the last couple of nights at 2am - what is that all about??

I hope you recover and are able to enjoy your pregnancy soon x

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I know it is weird is it! I’ve just been feeling really tired today so resting on sofa. I’ve had afew queasy moments but no sicknesses. Hope you are keeping well! Each day is a step further! X

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It sure is weird. And weirdly I am currently lying on my sofa. Soon going to meet a fellow fertility networker for a walk along the beach. Then I will be back to the sofa he he.

Definitely every day as it comes. I am rubbish at recognising when I am tired but even I have noticed it. Also have had maybe slight niggling of queeziness(?) But that could be psychosomatic ha ha. X

Just wondering could the headache and sickness be lack of eating. I always get a banging headache and physically sick then instantly better after only if I have gone a long time without eating...It's worth a thought rather than pregnancy...I make sure I eat little and often as I hate being sick bleurgh xx

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Hi, I had eaten loads yesterday so don’t think it was that. I haven’t been sick since but it was strange x

My 'morning sickness ' was always at night! Could start anywhere from 8pm but regularly woke me up in the early hours. I found it eased around 20 weeks. X

I think my headache was the start of a cold as was feeling terrible yesterday and got sore throat. I’m now worrying that my little bean is going to suffer while I try and fight this cold x

My nausea was always on a night time and had to sip sparkling water through the night as I’d wake up feeling bleughhhh. Wasn’t actually sick though which I’m pleased about. Glad to hear you’re resting, you need it. Xxxxxx

I often woke with nausea. Always had some water by the bed to stay hydrated. It eased off after 13 weeks.


I felt more sick as every day went on though was never sick later than 9pm. Hunger was a trigger for me so maybe you are getting hungry, especially if you are missing dinner? I think it probably is pregnancy related.

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