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Elective Caesarean on the NHS


Has anyone opted for a caesarean? I'm 33 weeks pregnant and off to see my consultant later and want to request to book a date for a c-section. Baby is currently transverse so there is no way he'll be delivered vaginally if he stays in this position, but even if he moves head down I really don't want a vaginal delivery. Any advice on what I am meant to say to the consultant so he takes me seriously would be much appreciated.

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My little one is now 16 days old and I ended up having a cesarean as he turned breech in my 38th week. My personal experience of the procedure was positive - fab surgeons anaesthetists and midwives, but it was still horrendous as it is major abdominal surgery. It hurts to make any movements for at least the first week and after that it’s still uncomfortable. I’m still in pain now if I cough, sneeze or laugh. You’re restricted with what you can do and recovery is way slower, you will need someone to basically do everything for you for the first few days including passing you your baby! I wouldn’t have had a section by choice, no way. Why don’t you want a vaginal delivery? It’s worth looking at the pros and cons of both deliveries and discussing them with your consultant. I’m pretty sure you can’t request a c section without there being a medical reason as I had a scan the day of mine and was told if he turned back cephalic I would be sent home to wait for natural labour but sadly I wasn’t that lucky 😅

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Agree with the recovery my 1st baby is 14 days old, I had a great natural delivery, only 5 1/2 hours, gas and air although I did need a cut to help baby out in the end. By just over a week I was recovered enough to sit on my ass and the receptionist at the GP surgery today couldn’t believe I was out and about already. I also did 4 miles worth of walking yesterday to take baby to an appointment rather than fight for limited car parking spaces. It’s definately worth looking at the pros and cons.

Hi Lovefood, just a quick question, we’re you at the RVI or the QE?

I should have been at RVI but moved my booking to Cramlington. The parking is easier, cheaper and during rush hour would have been quicker to get to from where we live. The added bonus is there are no wards, just individual rooms if you stay in 😊


I’m not sure if you can request a c section but there is no harm in asking and telling them your fears/worries.

I ended up having an emergency one and all I can say is that it is definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had to stay in hospital because of baby but I was out on day three and day five we walked into town and a week later we ventured further afield. After about a week and a half I felt no pain and it’s like it never happened. Of course the first week was pretty uncomfortable but it didn’t stop me doing things but that’s just me as a person.

I will definitely be requesting one if I’m lucky enough to have another baby xx

Hi there

I had an elected c section as I had transverse twins, however I was planning to ask for one anyway as I know the possibility with twins would be that I would end up in an emergency c section situation and I wanted to try and make everything as straight forwards as possible.

At NCT classes our teacher told us you can request any type of birth. They will certainly advise you of what is best and always push for you to have a natural labour as it is less risky for mother and baby.

The recovery for me was quite hard, especially with two babies. A lot harder than I thought it would be, although the actual birth and care was brilliant. A friend who had both said she would have a natural birth any day, although I’ve also heard the opposite.

Like you say if baby stays transverse you won’t have a choice anyway. Xx

You can ask for a section even if you have no physical reason to. If you are anxious or have any psychological issues that are making you choose a section over natural, it’s unlikely they will ‘ make ‘ you have a vaginal birth. If it will be traumatic for you, and your clear about yours choices they have to adhere to your wishes. My SIL wanted a section from day 1, she progressed really quickly during labour earlier than her booked section date, was 10cm and ready to push and she still stood her ground and she had a emergency section by choice. If your reasons are sound, they can’t make you have a vaginal birth. X

Thanks for the replies ladies. I saw the consultant this afternoon and the c-section is booked. Maternal request is apparently a valid reason to be offered a section. It’s your choice and is backed up by the NICE guidelines. Given what we’ve been through to get to this stage I don’t want to risk any complications during labour and delivery so a section is best for me.

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That’s good to know! Glad you got what you wanted xx


I did and it was brilliant. Saw you got your request in- hope your experience is positive, mine was very good with minimal issues during recovery.



Just say you are concerned that the episiotomy ( stitching of the virginal after birth) may not go well , which would result in challenges during sex after birth therefor you would like to opt for a C- section ,, I said that to my gynae and he approved and i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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Thanks, I’d done plenty of research before going in but my consultant didn’t even press me as to why I was so certain. I think because it’s an IVF pregnancy and she knows we’ve been through hell to get here she just said as long as I was informed it was my choice. I did read up on all the stats for last year though. 638,000 births and out of those nearly 200,000 required episiotomy! No thanks! Not for me!

I spoke to a friend who is also a pediatric. She mention to me that I can get an elective ceaserian if you insist for it and you cannot have doubt of you wanted it. However she did mention you need to insist right at the beginning. It might still work. However, like all comments prior to this, it’s a major surgery and recovery is slower that virginal birth. Best of luck. I hope this helps.

I had a c section 14 days ago. I was up and about the morning after, and able to hold and breastfeed my baby. I am now “fully” recovered. Obviously I’m not running marathons but I have been without painkillers since day 5 and am living a completely normal life post cs. I elected, but it was a battle. Even with obstretic cholestasis and gestational diabetes they were refusing to give me a section. When my ALT liver test came back as 1380 at 35 weeks pregnant I had an emergency section that same day. Basically, my son had to put me in liver failure before they would do it!

That must have been awful for you! It really seems to depend on which trust you’re under as to how many hoops you have to jump through to make a choice about the delivery of your own child. It does appear that some consultants/hospitals are really against offering sections regardless of what the NICE guidelines state. Luckily when I went in yesterday (prepared for a battle) there was no objection.

That’s a massive relief for you. It’s an awful stress having to keep fighting for something when you are pregnant and have enough on your plate already! I agree it depends on the trust. My colleague is under another trust and had no issues getting an elective CS. In terms of recovery it really does seem to vary widely from person to person, but I honestly have had no pain or issues of any kind. My advice would be - skin to skin asap after, then lots of water and rest. Shower only with plain water for the first week and pat the wound dry. Take the painkillers offered for the first two/3 days and gradually cut back. I found I didn’t need any after day 5 but everyone’s different. Walk about as soon as you can. Don’t push it too hard but amble about as much as possible. Also (and no one will tell you this) you can get very constipated after! Make sure you have some stool softeners to hand to get things moving. Good luck and enjoy your new baby!

All the natural births I've heard of all had tearing of various grades. Not for me either.

Baby was breech but had she have been head down, c section for me the whole way.

Loved it and would do it again. So easy, had a good quick recovery. The only thing was my milk didn't come in for ages. But just ended up combi feeding. I know people who gave birth naturally that also couldn't BF so think I've just got lazy boobs

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