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Am I having a miscarriage?

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Hi all, so 2 days ago I had a bleed but nothing much to soak up a pad, then the bleeding went away. Then again yesterday I bled but just little as well and it trailed away, the blood was dark red to brownish colour but no bleeding yet as of now and I'm 12 weeks now and also due for my first scan app on Monday morning. I have been scared stiff ever since i saw blood as this has never happened when I had other kids. Although no cramps or anything apart from the bleed but I'm scared this might be an impending miscarriage. Has anyone else please had a similar experience at 12 weeks?

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Not experienced myself but from the amount and colour it should be fine and no pain but maybe worth giving the midwife a call just for reassurance ?

Hey lovely how scary for you. For your sanity I would get some advice but I think if it was a miscarriage there would be cramps and a lot more blood especially at that stage. Big hugs xx

I have unfortunately I started bleeding a little at 12w just before my scan I went to the EPU and I found out I was miscarrying I didn’t have cramps. I’m sorry but my second mc in July I didn’t have any bleeding or cramps I was 12+3 went for my scan and baby had no heartbeat stopped at 9 weeks I mc at 13w. Please go to the EPU xx

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Good information. We are always told you will have cramps if you are having a miscarriage. I’m so sorry for your losses but fingers crossed this time will be just perfect xxx

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. @gcw104 I am so sorry for your loss I know it can be extremely painful to suffer such loss. Well fingers cross for me when I go in to have my first scan on Monday hopefully it turns out positively. Will update you on Monday God willing. Thanks

Good luck, I have had some bleeding with exercise (and sex), throughout this 3rd pregnancy, even though I didn’t previously. I’d get it checked out, mine was fine, though I had to stop jogging, but there are lots of potential causes and it certainly freaked me out xx

Can you not go to your early pregnancy unit today rather than waiting for your scan tomorrow? If I were you I’d just have to know. I bled in my first pregnancy, I had a polp on my cervix that bled. So it was nothing untoward. But I was in and out of the hospital with it cause I was so worried. Keep us posted, good luck xx

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I know I am so sick with worry as I type this down. I actually called the EPS since on Friday but I was told to expect a call from the midwife which never did. Called back again later on the same day but went straight to voicemail, I left them a message they never did call back. I found it quite strange actually for them to have ignored me like that. I taught they take such cases seriously, but it made me realise that it's when you're far along that they do. I also didn't think of going to A&E because I wasn't bleeding profusely. So now I'm just hanging in there till tomorrow. Will definitely keep you guys posted. Thank you

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Hi, I know from the experience that if you call EPU it is very unlikely they will see you straight away, unless I guess you are after 12w or belling very heavy. With me they only booked me once I went to gp and even then it was few days after. As you have a scan on Monday you will find out what’s going on then. The good thing is your bleeding is not increasing that’s the good sign. But unfortunately even if you are going through MC (I pray you don’t) there is really nothing you or the hospital can do so even if they see you on Friday it won’t change anything, it will only keep you out of the unknown and I know how horrible that is.

Stay positive and fingers cross is all ok x

Unfortunately IF it were a miscarriage there'd be little they could do, so they don't seem to be in a hurry for a scan. I know that from my own experience when I bled at 7 weeks and went to see an out of hour GP. He told me that I was probably miscarrying and called the hospital. They offered me a scan for 6 days (!!) later!

Thankfully when I called the EPU the following day they also told me the couldn't scan as they need to keep the appointment for emergencies as they were understaffed, but told me to go to another nearby hospital that had a walk-in. In my case it was pretty clear that IF something was wrong it'd be a miscarriage as I'd had a scan the previous week due to previous ectopic pregnancy.

As you have your scan tomorrow I'd be surprised if they saw you today. On a Sunday they'll have all sorts of emergencies come in, such as ectopic pregnancies which are life-threatening.

I would certainly go in if you get horrific pain in case of an ectopic, but otherwise I think you may just need to wait until tomorrow, I really know how hard that is though!

Bear in mind that there are many reasons for a bleed. Your cervix softens and can get irritated quickly, sex, exercise etc can cause a bleed. Also certain blood pockets/clots (can't think of the proper name for it), which can be completely harmless. At 7 weeks (after the scan) they told me not to worry unless I was bleeding like a proper period.

All the best!

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PS: I also bled at 14 weeks for no apparent reason! I'm now 18 weeks.

I didn’t have this with the EPU I wasn’t bleeding heavily with my 1st mc they said come in, in an hour it was a Sunday I did have to wait about 30 mins then I had a follow up app in 2 weeks to discuss mc options but I’d mc before then so was just a follow up scan.

My next was found at the 12w scan but still had to ring EPU for another reason got seen straight away.

They should definitely see you if your 12w.

Hopefully it’s nothing sometimes it’s cervix or nothing that affects the baby.

Good luck tomorrow I will be thinking of you xxx

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Also the nurse said if I got pregnant again and want an early scan wink wink say you’ve had cramps! Which I feel I couldn’t do.

Hope you get good news at your scan today x

Hope you get good news at your scan. When i was 6 weeks with my third pregnancy I bleed alot. I woke up with a great amount of blood on my bed and it was bright red, had no cramping or any kind of pain. I went to the ER they didn't see any fetal pole nothing but the yolk sac, they told me it may be a miscarriage. They told me they did

see blood in my uterus and if I start cramping and bleeding more heavily I must go back the the ER department immediately.. but to make a long story short I now have a happy bouncing 8 month old boy. Whatever blood you are seeing may be old blood that is now flushing out. Good luck and best wishes to you.

I feel so blessed for all your caring messages. I do really appreciate them. Unfortunately it is bad news as I expected from the wee bleed. They told me the baby only measured at 8 weeks and no heartbeat. I just went numb, even though I was expecting the worse. As I'm typing this I still find it unbelievable that ive lost my baby. But I still thank God for His blessings and I don't have any hard feelings. I believe what is meant to happen will happen and nothing could have been done to prevent it. It made me to appreciate my 3 kids now more than ever. Thank you so much guys for your support, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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Sabaijaz in reply to Habee

I’m so sorry about ur loss & pray u get more strength to bear it. You re a brave lady. God bless you

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I’ve just gone something similar last week. My babies should have been 7 weeks (8 last week) and measured 5 no heartbeat, nothing. Two blighted ovum’s absolutely devastated, plus my dad died today. Total sh!tter of a month xx

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