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Constantly worrying


Hi so am currently carrying my ivf baby 26+5 weeks and I’ve had such an easy pregnancy and everything is fine when I go to my appointment but I just get so worried that something going to go wrong I just can’t seem to relax and enjoy my pregnancy. Sometimes he doesn’t kick for hours and I start to worry then when i think I’ll go and get checked out he starts to have a kicking marathon 💙. Is anyone else feeling like this ? Xx

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I think all parents to be who have struggled through IVF, worry.

You hear doctors at each milestone tell you not to worry, at 12 weeks you have 90+ chance of a healthy baby, and with each week its more and more likely, but it doesn't help.

What helped us was the midwife explaining stress is bad for baby, so my wife and I took a hypno birthing course and it did wonders for us, really calmed us down and taught us techniques to keep calm and for the delivery.

I can't recommend it enough, I was very skeptical about it all, but its been a godsend.

Good luck

Thanks for replying I might have a look into that 😊 xx


I also had IVF and it was my second round after a previous miscarriage and I was a nervous wreck. I drove my poor hubby mad. I found it so hard to relax and like you I had a really easy pregnancy. I’m afraid I have no advice but just know your not alone and I hope someone has some ideas on ways you can try and relax xx

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Thank you I had a cp first round so think that’s why so worried. I think I might relax a little when he kicks are a bit more stronger I just sometimes I doubt myself if he kicked xx

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I definitely relaxed more when she kicked but I was still anxious right til she got here. I wish I had been able to relax more but that’s my personality anyway xx

I remember seeing your other post and she is beautiful xx

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Thank you. You must be due around the same time I was. She was supposed to arrived on the 9th Feb but came on the 21st xx

Yh am due the 10th feb xx

I think it’s totally normal to worry especially after struggles to get pregnant, I’m nearly 15 weeks after my 5th transfer and 2 mmc - I’m terrified of losing another baby. I would say if you haven’t already, be honest about how you’re feeling especially to your midwife, they may be able to offer ways of re assuring you xx

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Thank you I’ve got my midwife soon so I will talk to her wishing you a healthy pregnancy 🤰 xx

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Thank you, same to you xx

I'm 27 weeks pregnant after Icsi and feel similar to you, I kept thinking once I reached milestones like being discharged from the ivf clinic, 12 week scan, 20 week scan then id relax a little, but I feel like it's a constant worry 🙈 Wishing you well for the rest of your pregnancy xx

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That’s exactly how I felt 12 week scan I’ll relax 20 week scan I’ll relax just hasn’t happened yet 🤦🏼‍♀️ your due the around the same time as me then😊 and thank you wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy 🤰 xx

I’ve not had ivf but I have struggled to get pregnant with the baby I’m carrying now. And I’m much more worried in this pregnancy than I was in my last. I think it’s cause I know how hard it’s been to get here, that I wouldn’t want to risk anything happening, so i think it’s very normal and understandable with what you’ve been through to get where you are! But always get checked out if you are unsure, never leave it.

Congratulations, and I hope you continue to have such a lovely pregnancy xx

Thank you wishing you a healthy pregnancy xx

We are all in this together honey. I’m 30 weeks on Sunday with my 4th IVF cycle and always find something to worry about!! It’s very unlikely at this stage anything will happen to your baby so try to trust your body and nature xxx

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Thank you 😊 nice to know am not the only one 😊 wishing you all the best in the rest of your pregnancy. Xx

If that amount of kicking is her usual pattern then I wouldn’t worry. My son was the same. Constantly in and out the hospital because he wouldn’t kick for hours at a time. Turned out he just slept a lot and didn’t tend to kick until 7 in the morning when I’d be asleep most of the time.

He was like it as a newborn too, I had to wake him for feeds when he was little as he would sleep straight through the nights until 7am-ish and still does (mostly with the exception of him being ill/teething) at 18 months. With that said they always told me to come in even though it was likely he was fine just to be sure. My consultant told me herself she’s much rather me come in just to double check.

I don’t think there’s a reason to worry necessarily but definitely still get checked out if you feel you need it, it’s piece of mind for you. Plus you get to hear the heartbeat which is always lovely. Xx

Sorry said her out of habit as I’m currently nearly 22 weeks with a little girl xx

Thank you I don’t think it helps I work nights so when he normally awake am sleeping so I don’t feel him. Then he doesn’t wake up til later but I will defo get checked out if don’t feel him move and it sounds as you have a really content boy 😊 xx

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