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Starting to get nervous about 12 week scan

I’ve got my 12 week scan at the weekend and I’m really starting to worry about it. I had a scan at 8(+5) and got to see the heartbeat etc but I’m so worried that I’m going to have a missed miscarriage or it’s not going to have grown enough in the last few weeks.

I’ve not had massive symptoms just minor sickness, exceptionally tired and sore boobs.

I’ve had two miscarriages this year and I just can’t quite believe it’s going to work out this time. My midwife hasn’t been particularly understanding and just suggested I go to a anti natal group for anxious parents. But I’m not anxious about having a baby I’m anxious about the pregnancy itself.

I need to think of ways to keep myself occupied for the next couple of days I know nothing I do is going to affect the outcome but it doesn’t stop me worrying! I’ve ran through every situation in my head and how I’m going to deal with it which isn’t good. I’m trying so hard to stay positive and get excited. X

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Im sure everything will be fine its just the fear of the unknown isnt it !!? I think whatever the stage youre at theres always a worry As soon as you see your little one on the screen everything will be better 😍 xxx


Thanks. I think you’re right, once I see the baby on Sunday I will feel better. It’s just the anticipation. I’m starting to get excited but there’s still that niggling doubt. Xx


Binky I had the exact same fears when I was waiting for my 12week scan. Everything was absolutely fine! Symptoms do often reduce after 10 weeks (for most women) as the hormones start to level out, so try not to worry about that. You'll be amazed when you see your little one growing. I remember I was shocked as baby was dancing around and I couldn't feel a thing! Wishing you the best - and when you get to the second trimester it's so great. You can tell everyone and your bump starts to show. You have so much to look forward to :)


Thank you. Nice to know I’m not the only one who feels like it. Xx


Sweetie I’m sure everything will be fine. I know it’s nerve racking but truly believe this is your time.

I read online once you are past 8 weeks your chances of a miscarriage are seriously reduced- hence the nhs allow you to book up to see your midwife.

Miscarriages make a pregnancy very difficult to enjoy- I’ve struggled with this pregnancy until I had a scan on Tuesday which has eased my worries that baby is fine 😍( after more spotting yep I’ve had spotting in this pregnancy which made my fears worse) I really understand why you’d feel nervous- I think every women does until 12 weeks, but much worse after infertility & losses. Can you tell the midwife your fear & anxiety as the midwife can see you get help & support. Hormones will also be flying around which will be playing a part! I can cry at the drop of a hat!!! 🤣

I don’t have morning sickness-not every women will. My main symptoms are sore boobs & severe tiredness. I would say if you are still very tired baby is probably growing on nicely 😍 The symptoms can ease from 10 weeks ( mine haven’t!) but most women will feel much better from the second timester of pregnancy. My mother in law had no symptoms throughout all 3 of her pregnancies but produced 3 healthy sons!!! Everyone pregnancy will be different 😘

I hope your upcoming scan can reassure you that baby is doing well 😍

Will thinking of you & enjoy seeing your baby it’s amazing 😍 xoxo


Thanks. I’ve read the same on the miscarriage Association website, it has helped but I still worry too! I’ve had three bits of spotting which I’ve put down to implementation and then irritation due to my pessaries. I think once I get the scan I will feel better then it’s just focusing on enjoying the pregnancy.

I spoke to the midwife, she didn’t understand. She didn’t have a massive amount of empathy.

I hope that once I get my scan my worries will lift. Xx


I think it’s natural to worry, but hopefully the scan will reassure you 🙂

I’m sorry to hear your midwife isn’t more supportive, after all you’ve been through 🤦🏽‍♀️ Perhaps if you have a supportive GP speak to them to get help & support.

Good luck with the scan I’m sure baby is fine 😍 xoxo


Yeah I’ll speak to my gp if I have to, I’ll see who I have at my next midwife appointment as well as if I have her I’m asking to change as I just didn’t gel with her and I want to know I have a midwife who is going to listen to me and actually hear what I am saying. Xx


Definitely do that - trust & feel safe with midwife is so important. Especially after the difficult journey to get here. I’ve been lucky with ours - she is very supportive. I hope you can switch to a more supportive one xoxo


Oh bless you. I know how you feel. I had a miscarriage in February. and I'm now 12+4wks but had a scan at 8wks because I was getting some pain in my shoulder and down my lower left side. and I panicked as I like you only felt tired and sore boobs and mild nausea. Then my symptoms gradually went at 10 wks and I was so worried. But when I had my 12wk scan the baby was wriggling like no tomorrow. And my sore boobs and nausea came straight back. So take a deep breath and try to relax. But congratulations 😊 and I'm sure everything will be fine and fingers crossed for you x


Ah thanks. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who feels like this. I’ve managed to keep myself distracted today and I’ve got stuff planned for tomorrow and then it’s scan day! Eek! Xx

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I felt exactly the same as you did, my symptoms were the same and I just couldn't get excited about being pregnant as I was so worried about my scan and it being bad news. But I had my 12 week scan last night and everything was prefect. It's such an amazing moment seeing your baby on the screen. I was a nervous wreck before hand but just try to stay busy. Good luck I'm sure everything will be fine xx


Thanks. It’s nice to know others feel like it too! Ah I’m glad everything was perfect last night for you. Xx


Ah hun, I know exactly how you feel but the fact you saw a healthy baby at 8 weeks is definitely a good sign. I’ll keep everything crossed for you and try to relax (easier said than done) but do things which make you happy xx


Thanks. That’s what I keep telling myself too. I’ve managed to keep myself distracted today as had the day off work and me and my boyfriend have stuff planned for tomorrow and then it’s scan day! Xx


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