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Update- baby is fine!!! 😍

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Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for your support & reassuring stories.

The baby is measuring exactly right @ 10 weeks 2 days.

His/her heartbeat is very strong.

He or she was wriggling around so much & even turned around towards the scan!

They can’t find any obvious reason for the spotting which is great.

The scan could not have gone any better so reassuring. xoxo

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Brilliant news. Thank you for the update xxx

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Thank you xoxo

Excellent news.... πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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Thank you xoxo

Oh thank goodness. I was really worrying about you both. So happy that all is well. And such a nice experience for you after all this worry. Xxx

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Aww bless you. Your mind goes into overtime you fear the worst.

Did you get hold of EPU? Hope it has settled down?

Bleeding of any kind pregnant is completely terrifying! 😱 xoxo

Brilliant newsπŸ’—

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Thank you xoxo 😘

Really great news Jess. Now you can chill and take it easy xx

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Thank you. Definitely! Exhausted after all of that !!! hope you are ok? xoxo

Oh I’m so relieved for you! This brought me to tears Jess (hormonal! πŸ˜‚) as I know how much this baby means to you. Fantastic!!

Try to relax and trust your body knows what it’s doing - this will be your time πŸ’–

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Thank you.

You & me both 🀣🀣🀣I cried when the scanner said my baby was fine! And cried even more when I saw the baby!

What a journey but worth it so glad we stuck at it ❀️❀️❀️ xoxo

This is brilliant news, so pleased everything is okay xx

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Thank you. So relieved! The worrying stops now xoxo

Excellent news!

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Thank you. xoxo

Brilliant news Jess ❀️ Xxx

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Thank you xoxo 😘

Amazing stuff. Keep the faith!

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Thank you. xoxo

I had the very same experience Two weeks ago. I was so scared but after having a vaginal ultrasound at the Emergency room and them finding the heartbeat of my baby. It is safe to say that everything is ok. I have my 1st picture ultrasound with my Dr on this coming Thursday. I cant wait to see my baby. I was not allowed to see it at the ER which was even scarier because I didnt know the condition of my child at the time

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Oh goodness I can’t believe they didn’t let you see the baby. ☹️ glad baby is okay tho ❀️ it’s amazing seeing the baby, I cried!!! Enjoy xoxo 😘

Fantastic news Jess, I'm so pleased your little one is well πŸ™‚ x

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Thank you relieved is an understatement!!! xoxo 😘

Hi Jess....i kept on looking at my phone for your update...

see i told you πŸ€—πŸ‘i am so so happy for you both. You really needed this reassurance. Hopefully you can be more positive now as it is very real. You are gona be a mommy again🀰🏻🀱🏻. Congrats to you both for getting this far.

Heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy and more faith. X

Hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now. I remember crying at my 7wk scan when i saw the heartbeat on the scan, it was just sooo surreal. Xx

Onwards and upwards now 🀲 xxx

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Thank you.

Indeed you did- everyone had faith except me!

I think that has put my mind at rest & now seeing that I will stop worrying !

I cried hearing the baby was fine & even more when I saw him/her!!!

What’s the next step for you? xoxo

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Aww its amazing isnt it 😘

Booking apt on sat with midwife. Awaiting date for 12 week scan. Do u send the maternity exemption form off yourself to the address or does the midwife do this?

So pleased for you. Now i pray that Camillage is provided with the same reassurance as you on sat. Hope it goes quick for her. Im sure all will be well. X

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We are in love already with our wriggly baby 😍

The first midwife first appointment is so special. Our midwife got me to sign the maternity exemption at the first appointment & sent it off for us. Let us know how it goes 😘 at the 16 week midwife appointment they can hear the baby’s heartbeat πŸ’—

I have everything crossed for camilliage too. It’s very scary any kind of bleeding & scans are nerve racking after a previous loss. xoxo

Great news xx

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Thank you xoxo 😘

Brilliant news 😊 xx

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Thank you xoxo 😘

This is really good news x

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Thank you xoxo 😘

So relieved for you!!! X

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Thank you me too!! xoxo 😘

Fantastic news hun , glad little one is okay. Xx

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Thank you so much xoxo 😘

Yay !!!! Good news so pleased for you 😍 glad everything is ok not long now til the next scan !! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜ xxx

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Thank you. So relieved πŸ˜… Hope you are okay xoxo 😘

Happy to hear this! Xx

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Thank you we so are very relieved πŸ˜… All the best to you too xoxo 😘

That’s great πŸ˜€ xx

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Thank you xoxo 😘

Fabulous news, big congratulations xx

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Thank you xoxo 😘

Glad to hear all went well and that baby is doing fine xx

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Thank you. Good luck with your pregnancy. I know it’s scary having a scan after a loss, but hope your scan can provide you with much reassurance like it has done me xoxo 😘

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