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Is my child unhappy?


My son is 22months and has been a very sad child since he was a baby, he cries over everything- not having his way, getting dressed, undressed, dinner time, nappy changes even when he goes to sleep at night he regularly wakes up crying and I have to shush him back to sleep. I don’t why he is such an unhappy child. I am getting very stressed and also have another one on the way so I’m knackered. Is it me? I try to be calm and distract him with toys/ my phone. He has zero patience and gets very easily frustrated when he can’t do something and has recently started having tantrums where he throws himself on the floor kicking and crying in which I just ignore it.

I literally don’t know what to do, sometimes I wonder if he is actually mine because both me and my partner were very content and timid as young children.

Please help!

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I would try to give him more of your attention rather than toys or your phone. Try following Janet Lansbury on Facebook and consider reading her book, this may help, it’s about respectful parenting. She has loads of podcasts too.

I found her work very interesting and defo will get the book. I use his toys and phone if I’m trying to change his nappy or dress him otherwise I talk to him a lot and play with him during the day after meal times as I’ve figured this is when he is most content and doesn’t get frustrated easily- and yes I do feed him well throughout the day! I also take him to stay and play sessions which he loves. It’s just those parts of the day he hates and he kicks up a fuss - including tidy up time.

Hope it’s helpful x

Does he go to preschool yet? Or have you got him into one - I think the term after they’ve turned two they’re eligible.

You can have 15 hours paid childcare each week.

From my experience they love being around other children and they are fascinated by new surroundings. It will also teach them a bit about their behaviour and to have empathy for other people - I found it fantastic with my son. He’s so sociable and I’m really proud how independent he is (only child).

It’ll also jive you a much needed break ;) xx

roxannacar in reply to AJJ123

Very few people get childcare at 2, you have to be on some type of benefits etc. And don't think you get it if not working either. Worth checking on website

AJJ123 in reply to roxannacar

I’m not on them at all as we both have well paid jobs but I still got 15 hours free.

AJJ123 in reply to AJJ123

I think your referring to 30 hours. I’ve just realised he may of been 3 - he’s 5 now and he was only in there for a year before starting reception.

Honestly time whizzes by.

roxannacar in reply to AJJ123

Lol yes at 3 everyone gets 15 hours some 30.

Jina4416 in reply to AJJ123

I am not entitled to the 2 year old funding because of the household income but I’ll try to get him into a nursery for a few hours a week once he’s two or I was thinking of getting a nanny so that he has time away to play and I can get some help at home once baby arrives. I one know what to do and what would work best for us as I’ve never been in this situation before- I guess it’s just a matter of trial and error. I just hope the new baby is calmer 😌

AJJ123 in reply to Jina4416

Oh bless you. I think nursery is the better option right now, even for a few hours a week it’ll give you much needed breathing space especially with another little one on the way. When school starts a nanny or childminder is a great option if you intend on going back to work full time. X

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