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Breastfeeding issue


Hi, I have 11 weeks old baby and I'm bresdtfeeding and expressing. Since he was born he never becomes full after breastfeeding, so I had to give him expressed milk each time after breastfeeding but during night and when we are out I only give him expressed milk. Lately, he totally refuses to breastfeed and only wants bottle, every time I breastfeed him he cries and refuses it even if he is too hungry! Another thing, he now feeds more than before, he used to feed 90 mls every 3 hrs now he feeds 120 - 140 mls and I think I don't have enough milk for him, I can't express 120 mls every 3 hrs. I wonder if any one have the same experience?


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Have you got a latch on/ breastfeeding group near you there are some really helpful people that maybe able to suggest ideas.

My baby was completely the same as yours and these groups did help i did decide to stop breastfeeding at 4 months after really trying but she was never satisfied.

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What you express is NOT a reflection of what baby can take from your breast. babies are the best at getting milk out! the best way to "make more" is simply to feed more! Get him on the boob as much as possible with plenty of skin to skin. Sleepy feeds work if he's being fussy with it, lie down with him and nurse him through nap times etc. join the UK breastfeeding support group and the la leche Facebook groups and get down to a breastfeeding cafe ASAP for support and reassurance from the lactation specialists there. Babies still cluster feed at this age too, they also feed for other reasons like comfort and to go to sleep and for emotional needs, not just for milk. Keep on boobin' mama! Xx

Hi Nasaid,

The bottle is easier for them as the milk is released faster so avoiding nipple confusion is tough. To start with, it’s best to still breastfeed him before every bottle feed and force him to work at the breast first even when you’re out and about. You can get a nursing shawl to go over you and baby. Otherwise you’re just teaching him that the bottle is where he gets his milk and the breast is an optional extra. I would look for a support group nearby.

Are you sure you can’t transition back to EBF? It’s a bit scary but I did from a similar position to yours and it was ok. You just have to keep a v good eye on his output and moods for a few days and weigh him regularly.

Try contacting the national breastfeeding helpline for some personal advice.


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