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Possibly pregnant.. helppp


So I usually have regular periods, my period is now a week late, I feel really sick, constant headache, feel tired and just not myself really so I did a pregnancy test and it was negative, checked the next day and it had a blue + but was reall light. I'm not sure what to make of it, every other time I've done a pregnancy test and checked the next day It still says negative. Never been pregnant before so I'm really unsure on how I should feel. I've just done another test but that's come up as negative. Which one is correct? I've heard there can't really be "false positives" but "false negatives" are possible.

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Maybe try a clear blue digital so it either says pregnant or not pregnant. If your period remains late maybe ring doctors to see if they can do one for you or blood tests x

At this early stage as well honey, it’s best to do a test with first morning urine as this is when the hcg hormone is best detected in early pregnancy.

Good luck to you.

Also, first response pregnancy tests are good to use early on as they are more sensitive.



Test with a first response if you're unsure, it's the most sensitive and will give you the clearest result .... The clear blue + can give evaporation lines when the test dries which can look like a positive. Good luck xxxxx

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