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8 weeks pregnant and worried


Hi everyone, I have recently found out I was pregnant to then find out I’m about 8 weeks. I was diagnosed with polistic ovaries back in March 2018 and this is my first baby! I’m mega happy and excited but worried at the same time in case anything happens? Has anyone got any advice or anything that will calm my nerves abit?

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Aw a huge congratulations to you. Well no advice really hun as pregnancy is a blessing but you always worry but I just enjoy each day I’m pregnant. Have you booked in for your midwife? Take your folic acid or pregacare vitamins and cut down on caffeine dos and donuts are on the nhs website.

Not long for your scan then hun as you’ve done 8 weeks without knowing. Xx

Amblil in reply to Sisi14

Yeah the midwife rang today and I go visit her on Tuesday, and thank you 😊 I guess I’m just worried about reading different things. Iv had terrible morning sickness and abdo pains al lol week just as I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing I read up on things and it worries me more and more haha.


Congratulations! It’s normal to feel all those things at once. I know it’s easy to say try not to worry but worrying won’t make things any better so the best thing to do is keep yourself as healthy as possible for yourself and baby, then you know you’re doing everything you can. Have you booked in with your midwife yet?

Make sure you’re taking a pregnancy multi vitamin containing folic acid, take regular exercise (even walking if you’re not usually active) and eat well. Maybe take a look at the NHS website for tips on how to keep yourself healthy:


Amblil in reply to kt_11

Hi thank you very much 😊! I go see the midwife on Tuesday and doctors have put me on folic acid already I guess because I feel abit lost my fiancé works nights and that’s when I feel worse I suffer with anxiety bad so I guess I’m over thinking as it’s my first bambino 🍼👶🏼 I appreciate the support thank you xxx

kt_11 in reply to Amblil

Make sure you let your midwife know if you’re prone to anxiety normally. She can help you find additional support if you need it or maybe just give you an extra bit of reassurance x

E_05 in reply to Amblil

I’m exactly the same with my hubby working nights, totally understand that anxiety. Am always around for a chat if you ever want one xx


Hi Amblil.

I’m nearly 10 weeks ( will be Sunday) & after trying for a baby for over 7 years I am quite anxious too! We are awaiting our dating scan & im so scared of the scan ( we had an very early miscarriage last year. ) but hope it can give me reassurance 🤞🏻

It’s so hard not to worry but try (if you can )take it one day at a time.

I have read that your risk of miscarriage lowers significantly at 8 weeks ( hence we can book up to see a midwife then )

You can get support from your midwife if you tell them you are feeling anxious ( the hormones on top make it worse my hormones are all over the place 🤦🏽‍♀️)

If you fancy a chat I’m here xoxo

Amblil in reply to Hidden

Hi Jess, looks like we will be due around same time then haha. I’m very sorry to hear about your misscharage I hope everything goes well with your scan.

I didn’t think I was that far gone but they don’t really know how far I am due to me having polosistic ovaries they are just trying to guess but with my morning sickness the way it is the midwife thinks I’m more gone that I do.

Iv been reading up on stuff when I have a symptom and it always comes back with eptopic pregnancy or misscharage so it really worries me. My fiancé couldn’t be any bettter he’s amazing and I couldn’t thanks him enough to try and make me feel abit better but it’s always there isn’t it?

Thank you for your message, I’m always here to chat if you need to aswell xxx

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