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I don't feel pregnant anymore


I'm currently 10+3 weeks with my first pregnancy and suffering with terrible anxiety. Apart from tiredness and sore boobs I haven't really had any symptoms and am terrified that my 12 week scan will show that there's no baby or I've had a missed miscarriage. Has anyone else feel like this during there first trimester? I can't let myself get excited about the baby because of these feelings and it's really getting me down. I only have to wait a week and a half for my 12 week scan but it feels like a lifetime however I can't justify the cost of an early scan. TIA

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I can completely understand how you feel. I got pregnant via IVF and after my first cycle I had a miscarriage so when I got pregnant again I was a nervous wreck. I had barely any symptoms just a little bit of tiredness and needing the loo a lot. I had more symptoms the first time round. I did end up having a big bleed at six weeks so was convinced it was over but thankfully it was fine and I was scanned weekly. My clinic did warn me that symptoms can start to go around 8 weeks as your hormones level out. I was going to suggest to you an early scan but you’ve mentioned you can’t do that.

Fingers crossed everything is fine. It’s a scary time waiting for the 12 week scan xx


I totally understand your concerns but i only really had sore boobs and a bit of tiredness as my only symptoms, no sickness or anything untill about 14 weeks when i had indigestion on and off for a week.

Try to relax and i hope everything is ok at your scan x


I felt exactly the same as you Hun. I had 2 missed miscarriages before this pregnancy & was convinced this one would end in miscarriage too. I had very little symptoms but had constant period type pain for months. I only started to relax once I could feel my baby moving. I did have 3 scans before 12 weeks but to be honest each scan only reassured me for a day or 2. I wish you all the best for your 12 week scan & hope your able to start enjoying your pregnancy before too long. X

Try not to worry. Your hormone levels peak at week 10, which is why for many your symptoms seem to disappear as your body is able to cope with them better. Something like that anyway.

I was in a similar position and got all scared when suddenly I felt normal. Everything was absolutely fine at my 12 week ultrasound! Enjoy feeling normal again!

BeSt of luck.

Thank you so much for all your replies. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's felt like this xx

Lyndsaytw79 in reply to LauraJ85

This is really common and happened to me in 2 of my 3 children. Try not to worry xxx

Hi, every pregnancy is different. I have been pregnant 6 times and got 5 children. All your symptoms will come and go or get stronger. Ie being sick & then completely stopping, sore boobs,back ache,sore hips or down below.... etc I know you cannot afford a private scan but you Can make appointment at your doctors? Or depending where you live give your hospital a call at the pregnancy assessment unit? All you need is a hug and some reasurance

I hope you will be ok? Please keep talking it will help also xx

Thank you for your reply. Yes I am going to make a doctors appointment if I still feel like this in a few days xx

I felt exactly like this! I’d seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks but I still was worrying like mad. My first question at the 12wk scan when they showed me the heartbeat was ‘Is it normal???’ Ha. So anxious! Since then I’ve managed to relax a little and you hear heartbeat at the midwife around 16weeks. I think once it starts moving that’s great reassurance too.

My mum said worrying just ruins the joy of the pregnancy, because I’d not let her buy anything before 12weeks. I thought that’s quite true! And then she admitted she had a house full of stuff haha

Not long Til your scan, I’m sure all will be fine

I hope everything goes OK for you at your scan. I had a miscarriage in Feb but I was only 7wks and all my symptoms went so I knew something was wrong but I then i started to bleed and it was over. But I'm now 11wks and my symptoms are disappearing again. But I feel nauseous only when I wake up but that doesn't last or when I haven't eaten for ages, But I'm still bloated and constipated. My sore boobs and cravings have gone. My 12wk scan is in a week. So I'm just hoping everything is ok. I have pain down my left bum cheek which only hurts when I move but I don't know if that's related. . Fingers crossed everything is fine though 🙂 good luck xx

LauraJ85 in reply to lou121087

Thank you for your reply. And congratulations on your pregnancy. I've only had mild nausea throughout which is where I think alot of my feelings have come from as I expected to constantly be throwing up even though i have plenty of other symptoms. At my 8 week appointment my midwife said it's completely normal to not have morning sickness but I think this only reassured me for a few days! It's so hard not to worry but I've tried staying off Google and that does seem to be helping. Good luck with your scan im sure everything will be fine. Hopefully we will both be able to stop worrying so much after and enjoy the second trimester xx

lou121087 in reply to LauraJ85

Thank you. It's always so nerving before your scans as you don't know what's going on inside. I'm already very emotional from this pregnancy and cry over everything or get really moody. So I have to really calm down about what's happening or I'll be stressing myself out. And yeah Google doesn't always help as it always indicates miscarriage when it's not always the case as every pregnancy is different. But just have to think everything will be fine Xx

Thank you for all the replies. So after dreading the worst for weeks I had my 12 week scan last night and baby is growing nicely :) am over the moon and was such a magical moment. So I hope this post reassures others who felt the same as I did xx

The first 12 weeks my symptoms would come and go most daysxx

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