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I'm 23 weeks pregnant, baby's movements changing over the last couple days And falling over yesterday


I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and over the past couple days id say my babys movements have changed he'd normally kick more on a night but it's now chnaged to the day time? Should I be worried?

I also fell over yesterday and landed on my left knee, didn't hit my stomach or anything, ive felt him move since falling over, but I'm worried about wether i should get seen too?

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Hi. You probably shouldn’t need to worry too much about movements at this stage, as they don’t tend to settle into a pattern until a bit later.

I don’t think I ever really felt baby move at very specific times each day like some people seem to. Generally I’d feel him more at night but that might’ve been because I was really active & busy during the day I didn’t notice as much, or because he was being rocked to sleep by me moving a lot then woke at night. I just went off how many times I felt him move/kick each day and roughly how long between each episode.

And falling on your knee shouldn’t harm baby. They’re quite well protected in there really so unless there’s any trauma to your tummy or it’s a really heavy fall it’s extremely unlikely to cause any problems. Hope that reassures you but don’t be afraid to contact your midwife if you’re really worried about anything xx

Baby will have his/her own pattern and this might change. My baby used to be very active during the mornings and then calm down a bit but it then swapped to not so active in the morning but very active during the day. If you have any doubts then just get checked out for peice of mind more than anything xx

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