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Identical twins -miscarriage

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Hi, I have fund out we were expecting identical twins, early scan 5w6d shown 2 babies but only one heartbeat, we were told that it is very early and the other one can just be a little late. It is now 4 days past that scan and I have started bleeding and have heavy period like pains. Going through miscarriage few month ago I know what those pains mean. I have a appt at EPU on Tuesday so I should get some confirmation then. Question I have is it possible to only loose one (identical same sac) twin and for the other one to be ok, and if so would the loose of the first one feel like miscarriage with bleeding and pain? I don’t want false hopes if there is no chance I would rather start accepting the lost now, but though it is worth you ask and see if anyone had this situation?

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I don’t have any advice but just wanted to say I hope you get some good news in all this. It’s horrible waiting to see what’s going on. Take care of yourself. X

Hey Hun I am sorry your going through this , I was pregnant last year August with twins but they weren’t identical two separate sacs and one at the front one around the back . I was 13 weeks but my two angels 👼 didn’t make it both had no heart beats . What I am trying to say is I suppose anything is possible as my twins didn’t share a sac and both died so there is always hope and faith.

I am now expecting again and 30 weeks this week.

Just drink plenty of fluids and if you can go on bed rest . I hope and pray all goes well for you tomorrow and please let us know how you get on xx

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