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Maternity bras


So im 21+5 and am on my third lot of bras which have just started digging into me so need new ones... Again.

I'm usually a 36DD-E depending on design but have worked my way up to 38E-F and think I need a 40 now. I haven't put on much weight at all anywhere else except my bump but am now looking at a 40E-F. I can't afford to keep buying new bras all the time but really need to be comfortable, big boobs run in my family (my mum sent from a C to a G after having my brother and then me two years later).

Can anyone recommend any good bras?? Or bras that can stretch with you?

Sorry tmi, my nipples are so so sensitive so need something comfy.

Thanks ladies 😘😘😘

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Are you getting measured? If you haven’t put much weight on elsewhere, your back size shouldn’t go up that much...just your cup size.

I went to John Lewis and they had some really comfy bras but I am smaller than you. Lots of ladies have recommended bravissimo. I also wear a crop top/really soft nursing bra at night time which helps me- it’s super soft so doesn’t dig in.

Hannah27 in reply to Hidden

Yup only put a couple of kilos but my 38s leave a mark so think I'm a 40. Everywhere else I'm the same size just my bump and boobs.

I was measured for the last two sets I've bought, hadn't even thought of John Lewis so will give them a try, thank you 😊

Try a bra strap extender adds a few inches without having to change the bra


A lot of people have a lot of good things to say about M&S DD+ braletts, so those could be a good option for you as they are supportive but will stretch to accomodate.

As someone else has said, its rare for back size to change that dramatically, more often than not, if a bra is feeling tight its because the cup is far too small and breast tissue is being squeezed into the band. Even whilst pregnant, if you pop your bra on backwards without the arms in, and pull it away from you it should move about an inch, any more than that the band is far too big and the cup too small.

D/DD is only a 4/5 inch difference between the measurement under your breasts (the band measurement) and the measurement at the fullest part of your breast when leaning forward. Thats 2 inches of height per boob.

Hannah27 in reply to Hidden

It might just be the cup size that's making it dig in I don't know, I'm going to get measured again anyway. Having big boobs anyway I always get measured and do so regularly anyway as they can change a lot during to my endo and hormones being all over the place, so I'm already pretty clued up on how they should fit etc. But thank you 😊😊

I'll get measured and see, will be interesting to see what my new size is. Definitely haven't put much weight on, don't even look pregnant from behind and still in the same jeans I was wearing at 8 weeks (they are maternity ones, I had bad bloating early on).

Thanks so much, I'll try m&s again. That's where I got my last two sets of bras from xx

Hidden in reply to Hannah27

Just dont ask M&S to measure you, they use really out of date methods. Bravissimo are the best for measuring, a DD isnt really a big cup size which makes me think you've had poor fitting advice in the past. Boob or Bust Facebook group are absolutly amazing for measuring advice, I had no idea just how bad my bras were until I discovered the group, now my boobs feel like they are being held by angels! I went from a 32B to a 28E xx

kt_11 in reply to Hidden

“...held by angels” 😂😂 Love it!

My maternity bras were stretchy ones from H&M with removable pads. Not the most heavy-duty but were supportive and I wore them right up to the end of my pregnancy. My nursing bras are from there as well.

My favourite bras are asda! I'm usually a 38 but recommended to by a 42 by the lady in Mothercare. So I did! They were so comfortable through my pregnancy and now I still wear them but on a tighter one instead of the slackest xx

I have got on well with the m and s crop top style nursing bras that just come in s,m or l but I’m not sure if large will be big enough for you. They’re great in pregnancy though, really soft, and hopefully useful after birth too. Worth checking?

Your rib cage will be expanding due to the relaxin in your muscles so you might get bigger whilst pregnant and then smaller again after. 🤞🏻

I tend to wear my bakini bra top witch is a god send because my boobs are ok in my second pregnancy

Hi I definitely recommend getting measured and buying one expensive bra rather than a few cheap ones. I was having same issues and nipples getting sore and cracked which I think was mainly due to poorly fitted and cheap supermarket ones. If you have a Jojo maman Bebe shop near you they give you free baby gifts if you pre-book and buy during a measuring session and also give you 15% off the bra and anything else you buy. I went for a Bravado one which is super soft and it’s also a nursing bra in case you decide to breastfeed when baby arrives. They work so well for me and I’m so glad I got measured as I was wearing completely the wrong size xx

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