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What’s a Midwife Episode Appointment??

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I had a letter through the post this morning for a midwife episode appointment. I’ll be nearly 8 weeks by the point of the appointment.

My gp was supposed to book me in for a viability scan as I’ve had two miscarriages before. Is it likely that this is the scan as well? It says that’s it’s with a consultant not a midwife and if required I will receive a separate letter with details of an unltrasound appointment..

Has anyone had anything similar? Just wondering what to expect really.

Thanks x

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Midwifes dont usually do the scans, is at hospital or gp? It could just be your booking appointment

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Binky1983 in reply to MissEd

It’s at the hospital. I did wonder if it would just be the booking appointment but it did say that the appointment is with a consultant.. so I’m a bit confused!

Sounds like your booking appointment - sometimes the letter says which consultant you will be under but it is a midwife you see. Normally no scan at that appointment.

Not sure where you are based but most GPs have to arrange a viability scan via EPU not through antenatal care. Your dating scan would be at 12-14 weeks. You may want to clarify with your GP.

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Ah ok. Thanks.

I didn’t think my gp was going to contact the midwife yet as she wanted me to have a viability scan first especially as I’m not 100% on dates and I’ve had quite bad cramping and a day of spotting. I’m also on cyclogest and I’m under a fertility clinic as well.

If this is the booking appointment then coincidentally it’s fallen on the week my go was aiming for me to get a scan too.

I’ll ring them on Monday and see what they say to clarify what the appointment is.

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I’m a GP and I would normally refer to EPU for the viability scan- in my area, we call them and they arrange an appointment so it’s normally a reasonably quick process. If you’re uncertain of dates, even more reason to have an early scan!

When I was under the fertility clinic, they organised the viability scan for me and then they discharged me on my progesterone injections.

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The appointment is at the ruh in bath. I know I can self refer to their epu as I’ve done that in a previous pregnancy/miscarriage and it was them who suggested I use progesterone.

I was expecting the scan to come through before the booking appointment to be honest, just in case!

Guess I will just have to wait until Monday I suppose! I should be used to waiting by now though lol!

I went to my booking in at 8 weeks and then got 2 app’s one for my 12w scan then the week after would have been an app with the consultant I found out at the scan I would mc again so didn’t get to the other app. Not sure if this is what it is?

Hi, I know this is from ages ago but I wonder if you could tell me what your appointment actually was? I have exactly the same letter from the RUH for an appointment on Tuesday (hence finding your post when I googled it!) and am also meant to be having an early scan but it is really unclear whether that's what this is or not! Thanks so much! X

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It was an appointment with the consultant and a nurse. So I had an overview chat, past medical history etc with the nurse then I saw the consultant who did my scan, so I imagine it will be the same for you unless it’s changed since then.

Good luck! X

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Riley87 in reply to Binky1983

Thanks so much for replying! And thank you. I had a missed miscarriage last time so quite nervous for the scan, but glad to hear I'll hopefully have one at least! Thanks again xx

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Binky1983 in reply to Riley87

No worries. Sorry to hear you’ve had a miscarriage before. It does make things more stressful next time around. I burst into tears the minute I got into the appointment, but they were so good about everything.

Hope it goes well! Xx

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