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We just told the world.... well I mean Facebook

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Hey girls,

So last night me and my better half told the world we’re expecting!! I can’t belive we kept it so hush hush till today (23weeks) I haven’t told anyone how far I am or due dates. I feel all that is for close family and friends I don’t want our aquantances hounding us for updates or pictures.

I’m feeling him kick more and more often the past few weeks, my partner felt him kick for the first time whilst we were sunbathing on holiday. It made him realise this is really happening!!!

Hope you’re all well




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Stunning picture, you look amazing! It's lovely once you feel the baby kicking / moving more isn't it! Xx

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Awww thank you, yes definitely I think In my partners case he felt it’s very much happening x😘💕

Wow you did well to hold out til 23 weeks!! I announced it on the day of our 12 week scan. I couldn’t wait any longer. It took us long enough to get there so was desperate for everyone to know.

The feeling of kicks are amazing enjoy every one! 💞 xx

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Thank you chick, trust me when I say this I am the worst secret keeper ever, infact so many times I gave it away🙈 I would have announced it sooner but we had a lot of big things happening with the house move and all that horrible stressful stuff💕😘 xx

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Ha same as me then! I found it hard enough keeping quiet for the first 12 weeks xx

A huge congratulations Hunni and a beautiful picture of you and bump. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful pregnancy. Xx

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Thank you so so much, it took so many attempts to try get a half decent image most of them not so flattering😂😂 x

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Very glowing babe and pregnancy seems to suit you , you look stunning. Xx

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