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Planned c section

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Any advice for planned C section im really scared not sure what to expect I have 16 weeks to go till my due date. I’m not sure how C sections work etc if you have the baby at 38 weeks or if it’s on the due date or any advice or tips for a planned one I’m really scared I will find out more off my midwife on Friday but can’t stop thinking about it

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I didn’t have a c section but know a few people who have had elective/planned for various reasons. I think it depends mostly on why you’re having a planned c section honey. I know with IVF babies ladies tend to have a planned c section on their due date unless they begin having pre labour symptoms before then, and this is due to IVF babies being an increased risk of still birth (not sure why this is or if this is considered accurate, but this is what a couple of ladies in my area have told me who were preggo with IVF babies). I also know that there are some ladies who are considered high risk pregnancies and they have planned c sections bang on 37 weeks. If it is simply that you’ve chosen to have a c section, I think they book you in for some time between 37 and 40 weeks. I think it all depends on your circumstances surrounding why it is planned. Try not to worry hun and just know they do this ALL the time. A planned c section has much less risk than an emergency one and even then, they are done all day, everyday !! The only tip I can give for you is make sure you have a good support system in place for recovery afterwards, look after your scar and REST - that may sounds silly with a baby but newborns don’t do all that much - the housework and cooking for other people CAN WAIT!!! (Unless you already have kids, again draw on support for help) you’ve got this mama xxx

All I can say is they aren’t always as bad as people say. Obviously everyone is different but all I’d heard previously was horror stories.

I had an emergency one so don’t know how it works with a planned one.

Take an extra pillow with you as I felt better lying on my side after but as your belly has no baby in there it’s a bit like a water bed so kinda flops and pulled a bit on the scar so I stuffed a pillow under my belly. You can also suffer from lots of wind so don’t be afraid to ask for something. I was eventually given peppermint oil which helped a lot. I also had a spinal instead of an epidural so don’t know if the reactions are different but I really suffered from itchiness everywhere afterwards but no one seemed to offer me anything. Whether it was because they couldn’t I don’t know but maybe ask about that.

It is painful and annoying afterwards but just keep taking the painkillers they give and you should be able to handle it. I was out and about in town after 4 days and the pain had completely gone after 2 weeks (maybe less).

I would definitely opt for another one if I have another baby xx

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Did you have morphine as a pain killer? That makes you notoriously itchy

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I had the diamorphine injection early hours of the morning then the spinal at mid day and the itching started not long after that. They said it was the spinal 🤔 would be interesting to know which one it was as I couldn’t stand the itching

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Probably the spinal in view.ofnthe timing. Not sure if they give morphine in the spinal though! They definitely give local anaesthetic but I think sometimes they mix morphine in... but I am to stand being corrected!

I recommend having a chat with a doula, my friend is a doula and she’s talked about having a gentle c section if you have to have one, she’s also an antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher. Her website is if you’re local to Cambridge or find a doula closer to where you live to reassure you and answer questions.

I had an emergency CSection! It was the Spinal that I received for numbness! It went great, I didn't experience to much pain at all! As long as I took the pain meds I was A1. I was up and walking the next day although, I was wheeled to the ICU to see my baby!

I had a planned section two months ago. Everything was fine apart from the pain afterwards. They gave a dose of oramorph that I womited 30 min later then I took Ibuprofen and Paracetamol x4 a day. I wish I could have taken something extra but they did not give anything else. I believe codeine can be taken only if do not breastfeed. I took meds only for one week then the pain gone.

I had a planned c section. I went in to the hospital relaxed and my partner and I played games on the tablet, kept my mind off it whilst we waited to go in. I've only had the one but a friend who's had both emergency and planned said that the planned was easier.

I don't how your hospital organise them. But we were in at 7 on the day, we're seen by the anethiest and consultant then they organised us in to order of priority, I was second of three.

As it was planned and no real emergency, baby was breech, it was all relaxed. The team was able to focus on me as well as getting baby out. There wasn't any panic around her birth and I hadn't been in labour first so was really awake and able to focus on what was going on.

I was dreading the thought of a c section, the idea of being operated on wasn't appealing. However, as soon as I knew that they were going to deliver the baby early I just knew it was going to be a c section and I was fine with it. I wasn't initially told how they were going to deliver her (they were unable to turn her in the end but that was said in a later appointment).

Honestly I'd say don't worry about it and don't think to much into the actual procedure. Just focus on the end result, a gorgeous baby xx

Does your hospital run a birth options clinic? I knew from early on that I would be having a planned c section but my consultant made me an appointment at the birth options clinic. Originally I thought what's the bloody point as due to health issues I don't really have a choice! It turned out to be amazing... I spent just over an hour with a senior midwife who explained everything about planned c sections including risks, recovery,pain management etc as well as being able to ask questions & it totally calmed me down. I won't lie, I'm still nervous about it all but definitely feel better knowing what to expect. Xx

Hi there

I had a planned c section at 36 weeks as I had transverse twins.

I genuinely felt so relaxed on the day. You aren’t in labour so you are able to take everything in and the staff are incredible (they were at my hospital) at keeping you relaxed and updated.

The pain after varies. Mine was quite bad as I had large twins so my stomach was quite big and putting a lot of pressure on my scar. I would highly recommend using a rolled up towel pressed on your scar before you get up and ask for some morphine before you attempt to stand.

Also take it easy for the first two weeks as you don’t want to make it worse.

Good luck. Xx

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