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Bleeding for 5 days


Hi i have been bleeding for 5 days now. Went to EPU for an early scan. Thought i would be nearing 9 weeks but measured only 5 weeks, saw 2 sacs and possibly 3, scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks. Bleeding like a fresh blood but most of the time happened when i go to the bathroom, passing very small clots i think and blood when i wipe. no cramps, no pain, just been bleeding. Dont know what to do😔

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Hey Hun sorry your going through this . It could be a miscarriage of one sac hun if you feel like you need to get some more answers just go to epu and see if they will scan you again. Xx

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Hi, thanks for your reply, i went to EPU monday and scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks time, i am still bleeding on and off during the day, without any pain. It started last friday. Me and my husband had intercourse last tuesday and i bled afterwards ,but its very light blood and its stop within haf hour, then i got bleeding friday the same week and up to this time. But i dont feel any pain from this bleeding, they said m/c associated with cramping etc. but i am totally ok,but just the bleeding up to this day especially when i go to the bathroom and wiped😟

It’s quite common to have a bleed in early pregnancy. Did they confirm if the pregnancy/pregnancies are in the right place? Were they able to see anything in the sacs or was it too early to tell? It differs from person to person. I’ve had friends see heartbeats at 5 weeks but I’ve had friends have empty sacs at 5 weeks go onto have a healthy pregnancy.

I have no experience with bleeding in this context but I read online that sometimes when there a multiple sacs they can get mixed up with a bleed.

Is it possible that the third sac they may of seen could of been a bleed and that’s where the blood is coming from? It says that if you have a bleed you either pass it or it get reabsorbed it’s the body. If you don’t have any pain I would think it’s unlikely to be a miscarriage but it does happen that way to some people.

I had bleeding in both my first and current pregnancy at around 6 weeks and I know have a healthy 17 month old boy and am 17+1 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Hopefully this reassures you that bleeds don’t always have the worst outcome.

Fingers crossed for you at your next ultrasound, let us know how it goes we’ll be thinking of you. X

Thanks a lot. During the scan, the sonographer didnt say anything alarming about the sac if its in the right place or so, but she did tell me that there’s 2 sacs and there tiny one that is kinda like forming another sac. She confirmed that is 2 sacs and possibly 3 and i saw it as well. She said everything is ok but i have cyst on my left ovary which is not dangerous she said,its just sit there that what she said. And she didnt tell me bout the bleeding as from th scan everythings look in place although no yolk ,no heartbeat ,just an empty sac because it is too early as she measured me for 5 weeks which i thought i am nearly 9wks. As per my bleeding, it still continues but very light bleeding and most of the time when i go to the bathroom,i never experienced pain associated with the bleeding, im just really concerned about bleeding and me measuring 5 weeks where it should be 9 weeks as i know when was my last period and whe i ovulated last august.😕

What I meant was sacs and blood pockets look pretty similar and early on it’s difficult to see so it’s possible it was mistaken for another sac forming and that’s why she couldn’t tell properly. I don’t think they consider a blood pocket an alarming thing, you just pass the blood or reabsorb it it doesn’t tend to cause any problems from what I’ve read anyway.

Cysts are also very common in pregnancy and as long as they don’t grow ridiculously big they’re not a problem. They’ll keep an eye on the size for you.

I think you should phone your midwife and have a word with her I’m sure she could put your mind at rest about everything. Save you worrying about it, they’re there to help. It might be worth asking if cysts can cause bleeding?

Like I said if there’s no pain I wouldn’t worry about it. Sometimes bleeding just happens like it did for me. If you do get pains though go straight to the early pregnancy unit to get it checked out.

Don’t freak out too much about measuring behind. There’s lots of reasons that could happen. Even though you know when you ovulated, the baby could of implanted later on. Remember they’re measuring off averages as well. Some babies just measure a bit smaller especially at first. With my son he was measuring just barely 6 weeks at 9 weeks 5 days.

They told me not to worry it’s hard to measure the baby correctly before 12 weeks. They’re so tiny and a few mm can make a huge difference. By the time I went to my 12 week scan (based off LMP not measurements.) he was measuring a week ahead from lmp date. (He ended up being weeks ahead in length the entire pregnancy and then was really tall when born. He’s now 20cm taller than the average for his age.)

Also might be worth phoning and mentioning that you’re still bleeding, maybe they can get you an earlier appointment to check things over and put your mind to rest xx

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