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Am I pregnant?


I took the bottom pregnancy test last night, it didn’t show anything after 3 minutes so I put it away then looked at it this morning and it shows a positive result, I have just taken the clear blue test and it has come back not pregnant? The bottom test is just a cheap one from Asda, after reading online cheap ones are more sensitive I am confused as to whether I’m pregnant or not??

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I wouldn’t go by the bottom one as your supposed to read them in the time it says so even if it says positive it’s probably not accurate.

Plus always better to do a test with the first Urine of the day xx

Hi I would agree the cheaper test is probably more sensitive, the digital tend to not be as sensitive in general. I would always get a positive on a cheap test before the digitals. That being said I wouldn’t go by the test you took yesterday. You’re supposed to read the result within a short amount of time and count results after that as invalid. Best thing to do is to test again with a normal cheap test tomorrow with first morning urine. Do you mind me asking how late your period is? Sometimes it can take a while for hcg to build up so if it’s not been long I’d suggest waiting until you’re at least a week late as hcg doubles everyday. Let us know how you get on. X

Hello, I have PCOS so my periods are all over the place, my last period was July.. I have had symptoms of a period around 3 weeks ago but never actually came on, I have been In a similar situation where I’ve had a negative result before and it turned out I was pregnant and only realised when I miscarried. The one I took last night did come back with nothing on it so invalid but the one I took this morning is negative I am very confused.

So sorry to hear of your miscarriage I know how difficult that is. I’d say the best thing to do would be to take another test tomorrow morning with first morning urine. Try not to over drink as it can dilute the hcg in the urine. If it’s negative I’d wait say another 5-7 days and see what happens then. It’s a difficult one though. Are you having any symptoms? Xx

I have also pcos and my first pregnancy I lost I'm confused wether I am or not I have a couple of symptoms but negative results twice so I am looking at it as I'm not pregnant but I allways found clear blue is the best tests to do.

Bottom test is not reliable if you kept it to read later. These could well be evaporation lines. Wait a few days. Test first thing in the morning and discard after the reading period.

I’ve always been told to go by clear blue as they are more reliable and sensitive x

JLew in reply to Lilmossy

My doctor said the ones they use in the surgery are home bargains tests. You only pay for the name she said and the ease of reading the result with Clearblue.

ChloeLeighCorn in reply to JLew

My doctor told me when I had a positive clear blue at home and a negative test at the doctors that clear blue tend to be more sensitive than the ones they use. And he assumed that I was pregnant based off the clear blue and referred me to the midwife. But I suppose it differs in different places. X

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