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Hi all

This might sound like a stupid question but can you boil pears that are peeled and chopped so they are mega soft and then freeze them so they are not wasted. I’ve done it with carrots and other veg but didn’t know if the fruit would go yukky.

I’m trying to think of different finger foods for my baby and struggling. I’m trying to avoid stuff with gluten when I know I’m going to be out and about as she has been sick with toast and weetabix and the health visitor is making a referral to the dietitian about gluten.

I’m a terrible eater myself and tend to stick with the same foods so want to be able to mix it up a bit for my baby.

Thanks for your help xx

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Hi yeah the pears should be fine maybe a teeny bit of lemon juice in it to stop going brown but wouldnt bother if you don't have any you should be ok hope goes well with the dietician in can be such a frustrating time especially when you find something that they liked will only for them to throw it up after 🙄 xxx

Thank you! I thought it should be ok but wasn’t 100%. I’m rubbish with this weaning business.

We did actually try just bread and Philadelphia today and so far so good she’s kept it down. Still won’t be trying that sort of stuff if I’m due to go out though xx

Our son loves banana and kiwi! Definitely his favourite. He also likes watermelon.

We just cut the banana in half and gave him a big bit of kiwi. Loved it! Definitely worth a try :) xx

She just started to like banana but it just seems such a waste when they only have such a small amount it would be good to be able to freeze it. She loves apples and pears too xx

Have it yourself I do :) mix into porridge etc.

I froze cooked pear puree when my little one first started solids. It kept well as defrosted quickly.

I did the purée fine but wanted to do slices of pear and apple. I did do it in the end and put some lemon juice on it and it seems ok x

My son loves cucumber, sugar snap peas, baby corn, tomatoes, sliced melon, green beans and loves pasta . Hope this helps as I always don’t no what to give him xxx

My LG is so fussy I end up just giving the same things so I know she eats. I’m hoping nursery get somewhere x

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