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6 week old not sleeping during the day


I dont know what to do. My 6 week old baby wont sleep during the day. His eyes are red and watery but still wont sleep. Hes cries & fuzzes all day.

Ive tried everything. The carrier, bouncer, swing...you name it.

The only way i can get him to sleep sometimes is in my arms or my chest.

I dont know what happen. He used to nap well during the day after every feed.

Now he only sleeps well at night.

Im a first time mom. Could i be doing something wrong? Is this normal?

Any advice ?

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Hey Hun don’t panic all babies are different. Have you tried to take him for a stroll in his pram to get the fresh air as that helps them sleep in the day to. In the morning after he’s morning feed try a nice baby massage before getting him dressed and swaddle him and see if that works . It’s trial and error Hun I have 3 daughters and a boy on the way and all mine have been different. If your wanting more advice just ask your midwife or health visitor . Xx

Ive tried everything nothing seems to work😞

Wuggether in reply to Edith22

He’s coming out of that newborn phase where they sleep most of the time. Day time naps are the hardest sleep to sort out with babies but I’ve found this website quite helpful:



How long do you try the techniques you’ve mentioned? It can take as long as 30mins to get them to nod off in a sling etc.

Have you tried shush patting? Again this can take a long time, but it’s the only thing that works on my little one. I can’t be shushing for 30mins so I use this YouTube video: youtu.be/0n0bSIIZU14 while I hold my baby and gentle pat him. I have a 4 month old and still let him sleep on me for his big 2 hour afternoon nap.

You are so not doing anything wrong! Good luck!

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