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Weight gain during pregancy


hey im 34+3 and have weighed myself today for the first time since start of pregnancy. I have gained 4 stone which i think is extreme. I know some of this weight is baby but according to my weekly email on baby growth he should way aprox 4.5 lb which doesn't account for the rest for my gain. I have been eating mainly healthy (extra fruit and veg) cut out sugar apart from a treat once a week. and have been going walking for 30-60 mins most days ( can't cope with anything more strenous and take lots of breaks between walking due to asthma).

Is this something i should be worried about. is this kind of weight gain normal? still have 6 weeks to go so dread to think how much more i might gain. how easy is it to lose weight after the baby arrives?


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Do t forget placenta. Uterus weight amniotic fluid. Your blood volume increases when pregnant and your body retains water. If your concerned speak to your midwife

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Also you could have a baby who more than the average which is what 4.5lb is


What was your weight/BMI to begin with?


If you have put on a lot more, it’s worth speaking to your midwife so they can check that you’re not holding on to more fluid than usual and check your womb measurements. X

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thanks for the replies. I am seeing my midwife tomorrow so will ask her then.

I put on 3 stone with my daughter but it wasn’t ‘real weight’ two weeks after I delivered I was only half a stone heavier then my ore baby weight.

Same, I gained 2.5st during my pregnancy (and that was only up to 33 weeks as my son was born prematurely). He was born early as I had about 3 times the amniotic fluid around him that was classed as ‘normal’ and in the end my uterus couldn’t hold it. When my waters broke he arrived within 3 days. There was no reason for all the excess water, we had loads of tests done, just one of those things! But it weighs a LOT and makes your bump huge. I weighed 8.5st when I got pregnant and a few days after having him was back to 8.11st so I wouldn’t worry too much, a big chunk comes off after birth and what is left will come off gradually with healthy eating - breastfeeding also burns a lot of calories if you’re doing that?

As others have said, your midwife should be able to advise if your weight gain is healthy x

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I second breastfeeding weight loss. I shed all of my pregnacy weight and then a bit more (I didn't gain a huge amount) by 6 weeks pp I was pre pregnancy weight. My son is nearly 10 months (and never had formula) and my weight has only just stopped dropping!

If all goes well with the midwife then I wouldn't worry too much. Hopefully you'll try breast feeding (the first few weeks are tough but ask for help if you're struggling- most hospitals have a breast feeding consultant) and if you and baby can find your way with it then that'll help shift the extra residual weight as well as helping you two to bond in an incredible way. And if that doesn't do it then once they're on the move it tends to fall off! Keep eating healthily as it sounds like you're doing the right thing for you and your baby.

But do remember your body is performing an amazing feat and there will be things that are different after having a baby and that's OK too.

Best of luck with everything 💖

Hey congrats on your little miracle.

Mi know the feeling and concern. I put on 4.7 stones during my pregnancy which was the equivalent of half of my weight. Luckily didn’t get any stretch marks and babe was ok too. I lost all the weight after 2 months, didn’t do diets was all thanks to walking my baby and eating healthy.

Take good care of yourself and don’t stress about this weight gain

thanks for all the replies Seen midwife today and she said it was normal as long as i keep eating healthily i shouldnt worry. baby is fine which is most important. looking forward to finally getting to meet him.

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