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Rotavirus vaccine?????

So basically I have a 5 weeks old baby and vaccinations are around the corner. I have two other young childen and with both Iv always been so paranoid about the vaccinations it gives me a headache with worry. My worry is the thought of them having a really bad side effect. Never had any problems with both. Now Iv read there there is a new routine vaccination called Rotavirus vaccine. From my understanding it’s only to minimise a tummy bug. My two other child are 5 and 6 so they never had it as it came out in 2013. I’m just confused if I should let my new born have it or not. Has anyone given there baby this new vaccination and what are your thoughts.

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My youngest had it. In all honesty reactions to vaccines are rare they have to go through strict tests for them and most or deactivated which means the thing they are for isn't active in them so can't actually give them the illness.

My youngest is 19 month and has had all his vaccines to date and not had any problems I'm pregnant and due in 6 week and baby will be having all of them


My son had a awful side effect reaction to rotavirus. So much so they agreed a repeat vaccine should not be given. He was very ill with it. Sickness and diaroeah which lasted two weeks in and off. Almost became dehydrated.

They told me it’s a live vaccine and doesn’t last too long in its protection. I’ve never with any of my children ever not vaccinated because I do believe vaccines are very important. My son got meningitis as a baby so I made certain he was fully vaccinated for everything but we didn’t have a repeat rotavirus because they said it wasn’t AS important as the rest. It’s your choice obviously. And a bad reaction is rare. However if your worried you can talk to the gp or HV and make an informed choice.


Exactly the same happened to my son x


Oh gosh. That’s awful. Sorry to hear that. That’s my main worry. As the rotavirus is a relatively new vaccination. The rest I’m ok about because the risk of catching them other diseases are more life threatening then catching a common tummy bug. I’m going to follow my gut


They give it because it may be a common bug but all the things we vaccinate for where common till herd vaccination mentality kicked in. They give rota now as it has been putting more and more small babies in hospital and many have had major problems as dehydration is a major risk to them.


My son had it, had a couple of filled nappies and that was it. My first child, daughter died of meningitis, not the strain they get vaccinated for but none the less I was desperate for my son to have his vaccines so he had protection from as many illnesses as possible. The tummy bug it protects against causes severe dehydration leading to increased infant mortality. The way I look at it is they wouldn't spend all that money on vaccinations if they didn't think it would save lives. I'd never forgive myself if I had prevented my child from getting a vaccination and they ended up getting very ill because of that. Ultimately it's your choice though.


Yes I did my daughter had it in 2014. Rotavirus is I think the top, or one of the top reasons for babies being admitted to hospital. I would not want her catching the real thing!

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I might just add in that he had his vaccinations AFTER neonatal meningitis, approx 6 weeks after his IV anti biotic had stopped. There was always a concern because he had only just recovered, and it might be that his immune system just wasn’t ready for his immunisations after such a trauma to his body. However I was obviously terrified of him catching any form of meningitis so there was no way I was not getting his jabs. Nevertheless he did get poorly with rotavirus which was the question. I would never discourage anyone against immunisations but even the gp agreed rota wouldn’t be repeated for him. Xx


You could always give him his first dose, and if you have a negative effect, it’s your choice wether you repeat for his other repeat doses xx


Like you my older two (19&11) didn't have the vaccination because it wasn't offered so when number 3 came along I declined it. We're not (touch wood) a sickie family, none of mine have ever caught a vomiting bug (touch wood) so declined for number 3 and 4, their little sister who was born in Feb.

Go with your gut (excuse the pun) and so what feels right for you xxx


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