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Am I pregnant ?


Around about 4-5 weeks ago I had sex with my ex partner, he had ejaculated inside of me quite a few times. Ever since I haven’t beent feeling comfortable, I keep on feeling very dizzy, I keep feeling sick but I just can’t bring it up, I have bad stomach - back and rib pains I am also eating a lot of food. I use to smoke a lot and drink and the smell of tobacco and alchol makes me wanna throw up. Can someone help me on what to do please. Thank you

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Hi the only way you’ll be able to know is if you do a test . Sometimes our body’s plays tricks x are you late on ? Xx

unknown597 in reply to Kt19

Yes I’m very late on xx

Kt19 in reply to unknown597

Sounds like you could be but get a test to make sure hun take it first thing and go from there good luck x

Let me know x

Get yourself a test, it's the only way to know.

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