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Third pregnancy & I feel like I'm dying 😭


I know I'm probably just wallowing in self pity but when I say I feel like IM DYING I literally mean it.

I've had 2 baby boys prior to this, 1st at 17, 2nd at 21. With both, I never felt rough, no sickness luckily, no low mood and I had energy.

This time round I feel so down, I hurt everywhere, I constantly feel sick/nauseous, I'm still unsure how pregnant I am into Wednesday but I just wondered if any other lady's on here have had a similar experience...

Guess I just need reassuring this isn't forever 🙈

Thanks ladies xx

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Well the more pregnancy we have some get worse as all has been used before but it could also be that your carrying alittle girl . I’ve had 3 daughters youngest Is 4 and oldest is nearly 16. With my girls I wasn’t sick but I did feel lack of energy and tired ! I am now 23 weeks pregnant with a boy and I have more energy this time around. Are you in your first trimester? Xx

Yup me I’m on my 3rd first at 19 second at 29 now this one at 35 and I’m now 34 weeks gone I’m still shattered and I was sick up until 33 weeks I’ve got spd sciatica so it’s been awful x

Apparently it’s normal with more pregnancy you have 😫

I’m having another girl so three girls so you could be having a girl xx

Oh I so feel your pain! I too am pregnant with my third. I have two sons (nearly 4 years and 15 months). I never suffered with nausea or sickness with both, but I have felt nauseous all day, every day since I was 6 weeks, I’m 8 weeks now. Also like you I feel so down :o(

I hope your nausea passes quickly and you start to feel more upbeat xxx

Same here!

9 weeks tomorrow with my third and I can’t cope! I’ve got a mild form of hyperemesis, have been so nauseous since week 5 1/2 and literally cannot function. I’m a teacher and the last two weeks of holiday I had to go to bed throughout the day, up for two hours in bed for three... I also had diarrhoea etc.

Now that I’m on medication I’m a tiny bit better but still feel horrendous and my house looks like a bomb has hit it with the kids watching far too much tv.

I didn’t have that with either of my two at all! They are 3 and 4 years old. Oh and I have one of each so the theory that it could be down to gender doesn’t apply in my case.

I’m in the same boat! I’m in my first trimester of my first pregnancy and I feel rough!? I ache everywhere and I constantly feel tired and run down. Hopefully it picks up for us both soon! Xx

It can vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy. With my first I felt great all the way through, with my second I had all day sickness all through my pregnancy and felt awful. My third pregnancy was the best of them all I felt fantastic. They are all boys. You will get through it and it will all be worth it. Take care x

Aw, bless you. I haven't had it that bad but I have symptoms others don't and vice versa. Im 35 weeks. The odd thing is my arms, legs and fingers really ache. The nicest thing right now is to stretch. I also sleep 9 hours and still feel tired. My husband finds it funny as I used to have loads of energy!!! I expect it's also more challenging of you already have kids, as I can't just nod off when u like. But hang on in there, try to snooze when u can. Also of I've given up caffeine that adds to it. So if u can do this, I chest by having a coffee 20% of the usual size topped with milk. It works wonders.

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