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Am I Pregnant?


Hi im Laura im new here and me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant for the last nine months now with no luck. I have been taking regular test that have all come out negitive but i feel like i have a lot of different symptoms of being pregnant. From feeling and being sick in the morning to pains in my pelvic, tender breast, heartburn for days on end (not fun!), missed periods and more. Its almost enough to make you feel like you have way too many issues to ask for help from the Dr. Is my mind just playing tricks on me or could we be on our way to having a perfect bundle of joy?.

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Hi Laura if you have had missed periods and negitive tests you might want to see you gp for bloods tests to see whats going on.

laura2468 in reply to gcw104

I thought that would be the case, I will have to try and make an appointment asap. Thank you

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