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Help please! Agony with back and side 28weeks

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Hi ladies,

I'm 28 weeks pregant today and I'm in agony.

I have been suffering with lower back pain for about 2 weeks and was able to push through.. Yesterday at work I had a pain in my side (above my hip and below my ribs)... Originally I thought it was trapped wind...

After 40 mins my left side went in to spasm and I was shaking and feeling sick with pain.

I called the hospital and they wanted to see me straight away

I was in the hospital for 5hrs, wee, blood pressure, temp, and internal examination was absolutely normal and more importantly little man was 100% ok... Except kicking to pain every so often.

The consultant advised that they don't know what it is and to come back tomorrow when I have my first growth Scan.

They have given me codine but it doesnt touch the pain... I literally struggle to walk and having to ask for help to get out of bed.

The only relief I have had is a hot water bottle on my back.

The consult did say that the pain might be superficial in my side and the cause might be somewhere else.

Please has anyone had this, I'm in so much pain

Tillie xxxxx

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Hi tilliekins i can relate to this pain as i had it with my son before he was born (hes now 1) i was told at 30 weeks i was in the very early stages of labour the back and hip pain is your hormones gearing up for labour and the ligaments stretching so your body is preparing itself for the bith of your son when i got told this i thought omg he will be here early no one told me that this can happen upto 3months before birth(i had my son at 40weeks+2 and was induced) i had a hot water bottle most days and like you was on codine it did not do alot i went to see my dr and asked to go to physio to help they gave me some exercises to do also if you have a pregnancy pillow when sitting if you put the hot water bottle on your back then place the pillow around your hips it helps ease some of the pressure also helps in bed but if your like most womwn at this point your yoyoing to the toilet and back ask what other pain relife you can take along side the codine i know its painful ive known ladies have cruthes to help them walk i was lucky not to have them it could also be babys position my son liked to sit in the engaged position (head in cervix) then move around and also kick the living daylights into my ribs and back hope this info helps abit it does get better once they engage properly and the pain doesnt last forever its woth it when you hold your little one for the first time xx

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Tilliekins in reply to emlou2906

Thankyou so much this is reassuring...

Baby is absolutely fine which is my main focus.. Just the pain was unreal...

I'm just exhausted now... Baths and hot water bottles have been my saviour for pain relief, just waiting at the doctors for my midwifery appointment so will ask for more pain relief.

Thankyou xxx

I am sorry to say hun but u mite be in slow labour I had that and had to stay in bed all day and night it got really bad so I call the ambulance and thay rushed me straight in thay done scans and every thing like that and thay said that he was OK and I would have to stay in hospital for a few days within 1 hour I was in so much pain but the nurse said he's not moved I was so scared cuse I was only 7+2 months with in 20mins after that I have birth to a baby boy who had to go to the neo and he staid there for 6 weeks he was 3.2 when down to 2.7 now he is 6 months old and happy I would deffo call the hospital if it keeps going on and u keep not being able to move tell them and that mite have to keep u in for a few days to see what's happening hun hope ur OK hun good look x

Hi lovely,

Thanks for messaging me back but all is well now I have a 7month old!

It was down to him laying on my sciatic nerve. God it was painful!

Hope you're well


Well done hun hope he all good, good luck and happy birthday to him hun x

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