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Please help any info would be great

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I am a 30 year old healthy woman. I take medication for heart burn and seasonal allergies. Other than that I am healthy one child healthy and no problems. No surgery nothing. My LMP was on May 26th 2018 and still have not had a period since. I have always been normal and on time. Neg. Pregnancy tests and Dr said my blood tests are all good on hormones thyroid and no early menopause. I'm not on birth control have not been in over 8 years. Has anyone has anything similar going on an know what's going on. Anyone ever have neg. Pregnancy tests but a positive ultrasound?

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Periods can be abnormal for several reasons... being under or overweight can affect it. However being overweight is also associated with pcos which can mess up periods... can normally be picked up by hormonal blood tests and/or ultrasound of ovaries.

If you were pregnant at 3 months a test would definitely Be positive by now.

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