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After following my miscarriage at 6weeks last month. I haven’t started my period yet. But feel the same as last time. But with dizzy spells. I took a test but still unsure if I am seeing a very very very faint line. I am 3 days late. Pic attached.

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Sorry for your loss, I personally can’t see another line on there but it’s possible for you to still have a positive test 4-5 weeks after a miscarriage as it takes a while for your hormone level to drop afterwards. It can also take a while for your periods to go back to normal unfortunately. If you’re worried about symptoms phone your EPU or GP and they can check you over and make sure all the tissue has passed so you’re not at risk of infection

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I took a test a week after the miscarriage and that was negative.

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not convinced re second line, maybe take another test in a few days? However it can take a few weeks to settle again after a miscarriage.

Look.after yourself.

I see a shadow line but if you can hold on til Friday test with a digital clear blue . All the best xx

I had the same on the same tests last week ended up just evaporation lines. But always test again in a few days time.

So sorry for your loss hun,

Yes I can see a very faint line....

I had miscarried at 10 weeks. Same as you I never had my period, didn't take a test straight away but took the vitamins etc that we're advised to whilst pregnant (just incase)

I waited a whole month to take a test, it came back positive. My son is now 14!

I am currently 38+4 weeks pregnant now with my 4th (finally a girl!) And my test came back with an extremely faint line like yours is showing..

My advice for you hun is to take your vitamins, and try to relax for a few weeks before taking another test, if you take too many or do the tests too often it can just add to your worries.

Good Luck x

Hi Donna, sorry to hear about the miscarriage but I'm pretty sure there's a second line there!! I'd do another test in a couple days time just to be certain though. Keep us updated xo

I advise Clear blue digital I did a test thought I saw a faint line but thought my eyes were playing tricks so I got a bit upset did a clear blue the next day as soon as I woke up and it said pregnant

Sorry for your loss hun xx

So sorry for your loss hun. I can actually see the faint line. Definitely do a clear blue hun. I always used to get the supermarket home brands n when it was positive, I'd but a clear blue to check.

On the other hand though, it can take a while for your body to get back to normal after a miscarriage. I was irregular until our first miscarriage then it waa like clockwork. After we lost our second, my periods were still roughly on time but I started passing clots. After the birth of our son in March, they've changed again.

Try a clear blue :). If not, maybe book yourself in with the GP. Let us know how you get on! Xx

Is it possible it was a false negative, a week after the loss, your hormones wouldn’t of gone back to normal yet. Wait until it’s been a week and take a digital, it’s less stressful as you get a clear ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’, no messing around guessing with lines. Although, I do see an extremely faint line I would expect to see a darker line 3 days after a missed period. Is it possible your dates are off? Let us know how you get on, best of luck x

I can definitely see a second line x

Hi have you tested again? Any luck?

Not tested yet. Going to wait till next week. I am now about 4 days late. This is my 1st miscarriage that I know of. So not sure what is going on.

Update. Well today I started bleeding. So not sure what’s going on at the moment. But at least I know now. Thank you all for your advise.

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It would be nice to be pregnant straight after a mc but at least your cycle is back and you know where your at. I had that test too and thought really could I be straight after my mc but I was just an evaporation line. Look after yourself and take it easy it took me 6 cycles after my first mc to conceive again which isn’t long just feels like forever. Good luck xx

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