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Is there something wrong with me?


Right, I’ve finally started to settle and enjoy my pregnancy after a few hiccups along the way but now there’s a massive issue and conversation about me being “weird” or ruining the pregnancy for other people (e.g my mum) because I don’t enjoy my belly being rubbed etc.

I’m not the most affectionate person you’ll come across but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel a lot and I hate the fact it makes me go all tight and awkward.. because I don’t want to ruin it for my mum- she comes to every single one of my appointments and it literally the most SUPPORTIVE mum you’ll ever come across! But she gets really angry cause I don’t like her rubbing my belly? Does this make me weird/selfish? I do try to grit my teeth and let her for her own pleasure but sometimes I naturally move away as a jerk reaction.. Any idea why I am like this or if anyone else feels this way?

Will be I be cold when the baby is born🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s just annoying cause I am loving being pregnant now.

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Start randomly rubbing her belly and see if she likes it! I offer for certain people to feel my bump when they're kicking but that's me offering, not them just doing it cos they want to. She needs to ask you in my opinion, and to respect your decision if you say no! X

My mum never touched my bump... I guess were not the huggy type of family, but my mother in law did it a few times (lucky dont see her that often) and I hated it! It felt weird.

I must say tho I do very much love cuddling/kissing and hugging my little girls (2.5 and 10months) and they love it too... but I'm not keen on physical contact when not asked for.


I don't think your weird at all, I have an auntie who touches my stomach each time she sees me & it irritates me big time! I'll show people when he is kicking & moving about but I don't want their hands on me! I don't think you will be cold when the baby is born Hun. I'm a really affectionate & cuddly person but don't see why people have to touch me right now! X

I didn't like anyone touching my bump. The only time I let my Mam touch it was to feel the baby moving, but it was a one off treat. Don't worry and congratulations x


Not weird at all. Only two people had unrestricted access to my bump, my partner and my midwife. Just explain to your mum that whilst you appreciate how supportive she is being, you are uncomfortable with her touching you so frequently. If you think it would be easier to give her more of an excuse, I found my skin got super sensitive whilst pregnant and sometimes touching it was unbearable, maybe you could tell her that?

Nobody should ever touch you anywhere without your permission.

Normal I hate people putting their hands on my belly I'm not big on contact anyway my partner is more touchy feely than me. I just told people would they expect to be able to rub my belly when I'm or pregnant if not then why should they now. It's still your body regardless of baby. Only people that get away with touching without me offering is my partner as it's his baby to and my kids.

Lol no your no weird!! I'm 38+4 days and ever since around 30 weeks my tummy has always felt really tight (I'm a big lady with a big bump) and EVERYONE is always touching it, some friends n family I can tolerate, but it's not so much I don't like being touched, but more of the pressure I feel when some presses on my bump. I worked in retail so had alot of hands on my bump! It kinda felt like I couldn't breathe without someone touching me ..

But you are definitely not weird!

You do need to speak to your mum, yes she is supportive which is fab! But you don't want that "support" to become controlling once baby is here.

Good Luck x

I'm the opposite hun, I'm quite affectionate and sensitive (although I've been the devil's offspring when someone gets on my wrong side haha!) But I didn't mind people touching my bump. I didn't like people coming up n touching it without asking though. I just found it a bit rude.

Don't feel bad though! My mate is pregnant and she doesn't like anyone touching her belly. Everyone is different. No disrespect to tour mum at all but this is your pregnancy, your baby. If you don't like something then say.

I've got friends who smoke and I refuse to let them near our son until they've washed their hands. 1 even turned round and said I did it with my kids n they're fine. I just said my baby, my rules. You do you hun, enjoy your pregnancy! Xx

Your body, your choice, no you are not weird. If you didn't like your belly touched before pregnancy, you probably won't now that you are pregnant!

It doesn't mean you won't bindy with baby. Sorry bit I think your mum is selfish and maybe she's the weird one! X

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