6days late, too nervous to test :(: Hello ladies, So... - NCT


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6days late, too nervous to test :(


Hello ladies,

So this is my situation, hope its not too long,

My husband and have been actively trying to conceive for 7 months now, my cycle usually ranges from 31-33 days.

This month i made sure we baby danced every 3 days (and sometimes earlier) when the occassion presented itself to make sure i am always full with sperm (TMI)

however, about 2-4 days before my period was due to come i has very light pink discharge which lasted about 2 days. I kept wiping and it was pink, i just thought my period was due to come, then on the 3rd day, the cm had completely dried out, i has like ZERO cm, i was dry to the bone for a day or two....so i was definately expecting a period...then on the day my period was due to start i had intense period like cramps, i lay in bed put on a pad and waited for her to come, i was so sad i even shed a few silent tears i was really expecting her to come, the cramps felt exactly like how ild feel when my period was coming....i waited all day and still nothing...its been 6 days now....and nothing.....i dont know what to think.....i have gotten a clear blue test, but i am really nervous to test....


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Well I had 6 days late too, but no period signs at all... just had my chest hurting so much... so had to put back my bra :( . I decided to buy to pregnancy test and did it to be fixed.

My advice would be : don't focus (as when I did for my second child it took us 9 months trying... so I give up the idea and pouf magic happened) I know it's easy to say but I completely understand your situation as I had the same 7 years ago....

Take it easy, do the test and stay positive... and don't focus as it gives you a pressure so doesnt help.


Lawyerwify in reply to Shaky27

i always tell myself...im not going to google or check anything pregnancy related today...and then what do you know...boom iv gone two hours googling all my symptoms hahaha....but i hear you....im just breathing...and fingers crossed

Shaky27 in reply to Lawyerwify

we all do that google google google... lol and yes breathe, do the test, then you will see. sending lots of hugs !

Aw hun your be ok just take your test your be fine , it’s an nervous time !

When I was 6 days late I was petrified to take a test as last year I went through a twin missed miscarriage so I didn’t want to be gutted.

Turned out I was pregnant and now I’m 21 weeks my lovely 😊 I wish you the best of luck xx

Lawyerwify in reply to Sisi14

thank you love...il be testing tommorow morning for the first pee of the day....il update :) and congrats on your pregnancy....

Shaky27 in reply to Sisi14

congrats Sisi14!

Sisi14 in reply to Shaky27

Thank you both so much , and I wish you both well and lots of luck ...

please keep me updated xx

I don't want to get your hopes up, but the pinkish discharge around the time your period was due happened to me. I assumed it was my period but that it was really light (I had a couple of days of this plus some spotting and my periods usually start like this). I marked it down as a period in my Natural Cycles app (which we were actually using for contraception). A few weeks after that I noticed my boobs were still really sore (again a normal symptom of my period) so I took a test and boom I was pregnant. We'd had sex on a couple of "red days" (the app advises to use protection on these days) but hadn't used protection because my cycle length is 40 odd days and I wasn't due to ovulate for another 10 days. Turns out that one month my cycle must've finally shortened into a "normal" length and I ovulated 10 days early! We were still thrilled because kids were always on the agenda, we'd just never found the "right time" to start trying.

thank you ruthjmusic... last night i got home and wen i went to pee i wiped off some blood...but only when i wiped...was expecting to see period but nothing...up til now...been gettng sharpish like cramps in my abdomen mainly left side...so wanna wait a few more days to test...dont want to waste a clear blue 🙆🏽‍♀️

Totally understand. When I asked the doctor about why I'd had a sort of period he said that it's quite normal to have an implantation bleed when the fertilized egg reaches your uterus, and the timing of that is usually 12-14 days after ovulation, ie exactly around the time you'd get your period! He said quite a lot of women don't realise they're pregnant at this stage because of it!

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