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Introduction to my surprise twin pregnancy


I an31 and I just had my identical twin girls on Memorial Day just under 3 months ago. My Husband is 47 and we were not expecting this surprise. Especially twins. I'm breastfeeding and using neosure formula. My mom says I won't have my period as long as I'm.nursing but it seems that I am indeed on my first period since I got pregnant. It's very dark almost black and very heavy is it.too.soo. To use tampons?

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Congratulations on the birth of your twins. Although some women are lucky enough not to have periods while breastfeeding, mine have always returned after only a few months (which is why the old wives' tale that you can't get pregnant whole breastfeeding is a myth!).

I've had all my kids naturally so have found tampons can be a bit uncomfortable in the early months but there's no reason why you can't use tampons, if they feel comfortable for you.

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