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Going back to work/ breastfeeding! ❤️


Hiya ladies, in the past when I have had issues you lot have been fab at giving advice and suggestions on what to do so here i am again!

Im due to go back to work on the 18th of October.. and im not even going to lie every ounce of my being is screaming “No dont go back! He’s too young, you can’t do this”. My LO will be 9 months old. The ideal scenario for me would be to stay off till he was 1 Year Old - however, My partner and I both calculated that it would honestly be such a struggle! Especially being as the holidays will be closing in and we all know what an expensive time of year this is plus, it will be my boy’s first christmas so I obviously want to make it amazing! We wouldn’t be able to do so on such little money. So, here’s my issue..

I am a carer and i would only do 12 hours a week (2 6hour shifts) my question is: how did you working mums do it? How did you “let go”? Was it difficult? And if you breastfeed, did your supply take a hit? What did you do to ensure it?

Any advice would be amazing!


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I’m a SAHM so my reply might not be completely relevant but I briefly went back to work when my LO was 4 months. I did 9 hour shifts and just expressed during my break using a hand pump. I got about 100ml from each boob pumping 5 minutes each boob. Then stored it in the fridge and then took it back home in a freeze bag so it would keep cool and the milk was still useable. It is a lot of work but felt worth it. With you doing 6 hour shifts your boobs will adjust so you could get away with not expressing. It can take a few weeks for boobs to calm down. You would probably need breast pads though as you could leak at first. Your employer has a legal obligation to allow you to express at work.

In regards to money, are you entitled to working/child tax credit? x

N-gulavic in reply to Ribena1987

Thank you love and no im not entitled to that due to my partners wage xxxx

When I went back to work with my first I stopped breastfeeding during the day but continued giving one morning feed and night feeds ... she was 12 months ... yep still fed about 3 times!.

My supply was fine actually despite not.feeding during the day.

As for xmas maybe try wait for black Friday sales. Look for deals of hot uk deals etc.

N-gulavic in reply to roxannacar

Thank you hunny xxxx

i was still BF'ing when i went back after 15 months, i dis KIT days when he was 9 months old too. He was having 3 feeds/day then. 2 in night and 1 in the afternoon so i would finish at 3:30 and feed him when i got home. You are legally entitled to a safe, clean, private room to express or feed in (a friend of mine had her baby brought in!) and also 30 minutes (paid) additional to your break to do so. Speak to health and safely or HR if you are unsure. I'm a nurse In a Hospital and we had a policy. My supply was fine, by boob was huge when i got home though!! I do 24 hours a week (12 hour days) and it's fine. I was dreading it, cried myself to sleep the night before i went back but after a week or two it was like I'd never been away! And i had a long time off!! The thought of work was worse than actually going. Been back 4 months now. You'll be fine, but definitely know your rights! - also avoid hazardous substances whilst breastfeeding if you're a carer... Xx

N-gulavic in reply to embiemomma

Ty so much xxx

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