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I'm just over 6 weeks pregnant and struggling with feeling sick constantly but not actually been sick. It's putting me off all food im struggling to eat anything. Any tips to help with this?

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Congratulations Hi I’ve been sick for the last 30 weeks unfortunately from day of finding out at 2weeks 😏

Small but often meals plain may help ginger biscuits too keep a packet at the side of your bed have one when you get up help me a little x

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Full fat coke helps me too xx

I feel your pain, I’m 10 weeks and felt it from 2 weeks, I’ve tried ginger, apple juice, mints which none work anymore, I have heard full fat coke helps. I think people are different, so maybe try a few different things. Plain rich tea are good actually, especially in the morning. I have found that when I feel sick, eating a meal helps, but like I say everyone is different. Hope this helps x

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Carbs are your friend! I found eating little and often helped- I didn’t leave more than probably 3 hours between eating. Toast, crisps and cereal were helpful for me. Watermelon and mango were also easier to go down.

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Crisps are a god send, every flavour going, good job crisps are my favourite food.

Aww i understand what you are going through i have it too it’s awful. 1st pregnancy had it only at night until 20 weeks and this one its all day! Cant eat much but eating little and often just what i fancy. I have been sick too but find if i go too long between food i feel hungry but sick too it’s very strange. I was sick on Monday then 1/2 hour later eating biscuits!! Its not a pleasant feeling but a sign that baby is developing and so is placenta midwife said. Xx

Lemonade helped me when my sickness was making me bed ridden! And dry food like crackers or biscuits. I got some anti sickness tablets from my gp as well which helped a bit, once I hit 12 weeks it got a lot better.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope it all gets better for you! Xx

I’m in the same position - I’m almost 6 weeks and feeling SO sick, even waking up at night with it. It’s my 4th pregnancy and whilst I always went off certain foods, I’ve never felt THIS sick before!

At the momemt I’m just taking a day at a time, it’s a confirmation for me that this pregnancy is still going, so to speak. But I find eating despite feeling sick helps, but it needs to be carbs. You may just need to figure out which foods wok for you and help you alleviate the sickness? Maybe bread sticks, toast or something?

Fingers crossed we can share our journeys until April!! :-)

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Just wondering the sexes of your first 3? I had terrible sickness with my 4th and I got a little girl who now has 3 adoring older brothers 😊💖

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I had a boy, then a girl. My two pregnancies were so similar that I was convinced that I’d have another boy (we didn’t find out until birth).

My third pregnancy was an ectopic one and I don’t know whether it would’ve been a boy or girl.

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Sorry to hear about your third pregnancy.

Could be twins this time?!😉x

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Just one healthy baby will be enough ;-)

There’s only one sac, I don’t know more just yet!

Sorry to hear this I suffered too. Like it has been said already try a can of full fat coke when you feel sick! Also pure ginger beer from Holland and Barrett really helped me it’s about £3 and strong (do different strengths) but a glass a day just helped my stomach settle - it’s an old wives tale that works for most! They also do ginger sweets if you don’t like biscuits which again helped me called ginger gems. Carbs too and little and often and make sure your drinking plenty. Lay down and rest when you can it’s such a key and early stage in development so much is happening for your body and baby!

Book also with the GP for safe in pregnancy anti sickness tablets if it persists. Good luck! X

Hey darling.

Congrats 🎉

I know every one is different but try to stay healthy drink plenty of water and take your vitamins.

Have some carrots sticks to much on as soon as you feel a little bit sick or even before try having a sip of water... don’t have more than couple of sips at regular intervals so you keep the stomach fluids in their place...

Remember your body is your temple and you are the only one that knows it’s workings 😉 if it is telling you to eat carbs then that’s what you need if it’s telling you to eat fruit and veg then follow that path.....

The good thing of eating plenty of veg and fruits is that you have less changes of getting stretch marks... I put on 30 kgs (66 pounds) and didn’t get any stretch marks 😝 and they were all gone without diet or heavy exercise after 3 months..... (only 1 hr walks with the baby)

Hopefully your body will settle and won’t suffer any more nausea....

PS. Chewing gum may also help

Hey, I’m currently suffering exactly the same. I’ve just bought some travel sick bands and it’s been better today. Don’t know if it’s a fluke or a placebo effect, but I feel better. Xx

I had this for months 1 to 3. Try small but frequent plain meals, I liked brown toast or rice with a few veg. Try ginger in hot water. Sip water but don't drink fast. Breath deep breaths. Raise your pillow when you sleep. Distract yourself by doing something even if it's something simple, just don't focus on the nausea. Go for a walk every day. Remind yourself that you probably won't actually be sick.

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