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I'm pregnant again


hi, ok so I have 5 children already ages 9,7,19months and 5 month old twins, I absolutely did not want anymore kids ever. I had the implant put in a couple of months ago and to be extra careful we have used condoms every time we have been intimate, I have tested three times this week all with morning pee ( so many times as I just cant believe it ) and all are positive, I don't no how this could of happened, I don't want another baby, my husband is saying we will manage but I just can not deal with 4 under 2 1/2 I just cant, my 5 month old twins wake between 2-3 times a night are still breastfed and my 19 month old daughter is so clingy, there is just no room for another, don't no why im posting really I just cant deal with this right now

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Oh my Hunni I can’t believe this has happened as you’ve taken extra precautions on top of the implant. I can understand you feeling very overwhelming especially with have 5 month old twins and a 19 month old. That’s a juggle without the other children. I can understand you not wanting to have anymore yet or being happy with the family you have. I would go to your gp and explain that this has happened to you and how your feeling too. Hopefully you and your partner can work on whatever your decision is. I wish you the very best xx

I truly feel for you! Just the fact you're breastfeeding twins would make it unlikely to get pregnant let alone.

I have a 9 month and 30month old and can barely cope as is with just two!

I think let the initial shock pass over first things first. Sit down again and talk over with your husband. You know how you feel about this esp if you are the main care giver.

Also book in with your doctor (as can take a week.or two) to discuss the options, if you decide to keep baby, they might decide to remove the implant depending on how old baby is.

Also you could also consider adoption as an option?

Its not am easy situation so make sure you get all the support you can.

it has been confirmed I am pregnant, 10 weeks 6 days, I have a appointment with my gp Wednesday, so many reasons this baby is to put it harshly inconvenient, 1, I don't want more children, 2, financial we get by nicely at the moment 3, no space, 4, I return to work in 2 months im self employed more time off is unrealistic 5, unable to cope with another pregnancy my last two were horrific with multiple problems such as gestational diabetes severe spd, im prone to early labour and need lots of rest ( never going to happen ) 6, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two and a bit months ago and although managing fine for now she will require my help, im so confused and uncertain right now, I really wish this never happened, I feel like such a bad person feeling that way but I cant help it

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Hunni don’t give yourself a hard time only you and your partner can decide what’s best for you and your family. I’m sorry to hear about your mum too and I wish her a speedy recovery. All the best to you xxx

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