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Pregnancy early bleeding


Hi I had my last period in the 14th June. My periods havnt been regular they have been 28 days next month 33days then 27days and so on. I found out I was pregnant on the 20th July which came up one dark line and one very faint I tested again on the 6th August 2dark lines. I have been bleeding from Monday not heavy and no clots or pain. But today I went for an ultrasound scan they had to do an internal as I should of been 8weeks but they could only see something small. The midwife said she isn't saying it is a miscarriage yet but if everything is okay then my dates are wrong. How far along could I be. I have to go back in 2weeks I am so worried.

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Hi Hun you could be 4-5 weeks and May have conceived later !! I hope all goes well for you. I would try and rest when you can and drink plenty of fluids xxx

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