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Midwifes appointments


Hi, this is my second baby and I have some queries about midwifes appointments in England.

I had my first baby in Wales and I am finding some differencies.

I had my 16w appointment and the midwife did not weight me or messure my belly, I remember having those two done in all my previous app with the midwife.

I think weight gain or lost is important. As well as the growth of your tummy.

Not sure what to expect in my appointments.

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Hi Hun , I had my blood pressure , urine and height and weight done at my first book in then I had my scan at 12 weeks. At my 16 week check in they just done urine and blood pressure and asked about well being etc and listened to my little baby’s heart beat. I don’t think they start measuring your tummy til about 24 weeks or there about Hun . Your baby gets measured again at 20 week scan. Xx

Congratulations your first appointment is your booking in one . Next one is around 16 weeks your first appointment is your height weight bloods wee testing then you bet your folder depending which part of the U.K. you are . The midwife then books you in for your dating scan should be around 12-14 weeks. They don’t measure your tummy till around 28 weeks we’ll at least that’s what they told me I’m not 31 weeks x I only got weighed again when I was taken in for no movement and suspected dvt at a28 weeks that’s when they measured my tummy first too not my midwife they then weighted me and I lost a stone in weight but they didn’t seem concerned I’ve been sick from day one of finding out. My other two pregnancy was totally different 15 years ago I saw the midwife 2 times 6 years ago 2times this time I’ve been 3 times already x hope that helps x I don’t get weighed only the once which was on the first appointment x


Thanks for your comments.

Yes that's what I had, blood pressure, urine test, heart listening and general questions about well being...

Yep, same as the other ladies. I got weighed at my initial appointment but then not again until about 36 weeks. They didn’t start measuring my tummy til 28 weeks I think. At the 16 week appointment she listened to baby’s heartbeat and checked my blood pressure and urine sample.

They will only do everything all the time if they have concerns about you. They dont start measuring bump till later on as when they are small there isnts any point. And weight is only taken if they have concerns i get mine regularly because im under consultant care and have severe sickness that i have to be medicated for im 28 weeks pregnant and had my weight done 3 times now

Not much to measure at 16 tbh ... to uterus is still below the belly button and very difficult to feel. Also some weight loss in the first trimester is quite normal, and as long as there aren't major issues where you are constantly vomiting it should be not really be of concern.

Try not worry too much.

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