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9 weeks and 4 days - no more tender breast

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Im just a little worried as its my first pregnancy, I am 9 weeks 4 days pregnant and I have no more tender breast, still feeling tired and nausea and acid reflux. My breast was quite sore to begin with me but that has stopped. I had no bleeding or cramping, is this a normal thing?

Need some re assurance please.

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My, breasts go sore on and off hun it's normal. I'm now 28 week and their hurting again. Congrstulations xxx

Thank you, that’s made me feel more re assuring x

Hi Hun, that's absolutely normal. Had the same about 9 weeks and was freaking out, but I read so many people saying it was normal, so I relaxed. After few weeks it got sore again. It is on and off and change day by day. Don't worry, as long as you have no intense pain or bleeding you're fine. Good luck and congratulations on the baby. X

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Thank you so much. It has really eased my mind now. X

I’m as far gone as you are and are feeling the same, breasts have stopped hurting, but I now have a non wired bra so maybe that helped it aswell. But still feeling nausea and tired all the time. I did have a sore lower back over the weekend, I think is where body is changing all the time. x

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Glad someone is feeling the same as me! I thought it was just me. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and congrats x

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