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Need help had a miscarriage about a month ago and confused

Hi please can someone help me . I had a miscarriage about a month ago now . I am silly bleeding and in pain where I am finding day to day stuff hard because I am in pian all the time . Should this sill be happening now ? I am finding it hard I can't sleep at night and I keep crying for no reason I don't even no what to do with myself anymore . Me and my boyfriend are not getting on we jut keep arguing all the time . We don't have any time for each other anymore I went back to work not long after I lost are baby we have not talked about it that much . He just wants us to try again please can someone who has been few this or something the same help me I am all confused about it all

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Hun if I was you o would go to the doctors as some of the tissue could still be left inside you and causing you pain also still messing with your hormones too. I would only start trying if your ready too as you don’t want to be stressed when doing so either .

I hope your ok and I’m sorry for your loss xx

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Hi had a follow up scan and they sed evything has come away could they be wrong . Because I am in so much pian and the bleeding does not seam normal . Can't sleep at night . Been takeing time of work becouse I am in that much pain. . like today I have phoned up again I don't even want to leve the house jut want to hid away from everything and everyone. But thanks x

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Babe I would go to your gp for a check up and referral as it might be something left in there that’s causing you so much pain . I had a missed miscarriage with twins last year that didn’t naturally come away and had to go in for surgery for removal which they done whilst I was put to sleep. It’s an awful experience to go through and I also felt like I couldn’t talk about it , I have 3 daughters which helped me through it as I knew I had to stay strong for them . I think you may be suffering with some depression Hunni which you can also discuss with your gp.

I am now blessed with being pregnant again and I will never forget my sleeping angels 👼 who are flying high.

Please go to your gp as you can’t carry on with the pain your experiencing xx

Hi how did you manage your mc? Naturally, medically or d&c? Did you get a follow up scan to make sure all the pregnancy tissue was gone and done a pregnancy test? If you don’t feel right you should definitely go see you gp or EPU again. Emotionally it’s normal to feel the way you are I’m the same just had another mc and I randomly cry I can’t talk about it as I don’t want to cry in front of people. I can answer some questions to some but not others without getting emotional. I’d say it gets easier eventually but it takes a lot time. Me and my bf nearly split after our first mc he couldn’t talk to me about how he was feeling and just thought it was better to break up. He was depressed but managed to get through it together. We’ve just mc again we’re both sad but I think we’re dealing with it better this time.

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Hi sorry for your lost chick thinking of you . And i had a natural miscarriage and yeah I had a follow up scan and they sed evything has come away . But could they be wrong. And where the same he can't talk to be about he jut keeps talking about trying again I think it has hit him harder then me . But thanks glad I am not the only one who fells like this thanks

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My EPU said if the bleeding doesnt stop or if im still having any trouble or pain just to ring up and theyd check me again. Do go if your not right best to be checked.

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