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Braxton Hicks very painful ones


Hi guys am 36 weeks pregnant i need advice i have been having very painful braxton hicks for the one week now they come and go very irregular sometimes mild and sometimes unbearable, but they have been coming and going no particular pattern they come and go lasting for hours and then as they came they go and i get some hours of peace.

I went to the doctor last week for my prenatal visit and they said everything was fine they did not mention braxton hicks they said maybe the intense pain was from the baby as she drops and getting to position, i can't call the doctor here in Kenya i have to go to the hospital if i need answers, am scheduled for another visit in 4 days time. just want to know if this is normal and other women usually experience this.

The pain i can bare through and my baby is very active so that gives me comfort even through the pain she is even more active now with a lot of stretching and kicking.

my worried husband who is doing all he can to help me with this is insisting we go to the hospital with last moth we went to the hospital almost 10 times and all this times the doctors said everything is normal. and i don't want to stress him with this if its nothing to worry about since the baby is active should i just wait any advice?

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Hey 🙋 are you Kenyan ?

Sorry I only ask my dad was born in Kenya

If they become regular then you need to go. But as you say no pattern so you will be OK, watch out for fluid waters and s regular pattern with them. I think if nothing then you'll be fine to wait for 4 days. It's your body preparing you for real thing.

Good luck lovely


Hi yes am Kenyan. thank you very much for the reply it really helps will keep an eye on them and if the pattern changes will definitely go to the hospital thank you.

Oh wow. My dad was born in the rift valley, nice to meet you.

Good luck lovely keep us updated


wow that's nice am from Westlands Nairobi i usually go to visit rift valley from time to time have family there very beautiful.

thank you very much nice to meet you too, will keep you posted

I'd love to go does look beautiful only ever seen it on tv.

Your welcome hun not long to go now exciting times ahead.

Take care


Hun it just sounds like strong braxton hicks to me they can be breath taking too. The good news is your baby is well and active , maybe your little one will arrive on time hun as the intense of the braxton hicks are longer and stronger. Your know more in a few days , baby is probably burying right down too x good luck xx

abbie101 in reply to Sisi14

thank you for the reply, the yes the baby is very active so that is giving me strength thanks a lot

Sisi14 in reply to abbie101

Your very welcome and I wish you all the best xx

abbie101 in reply to Sisi14

thank you very much

I am also 36 weeks and having Braxton Hicks contractions. They started a few weeks ago and were uncomfortable but bare able. Today I have had more constant lower back ache and more intense contractions along with baby movements, feel like she is pushing further in pelvis area. I am due to see my midwife on Thursday so just going to monitor till then and hopefully get a clearer picture of what I should do etc come Thursday.

Good luck to you x

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