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Threatened Miscarriage- Advise Please

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Hi I have just signed up to this today.

Found out i was pregnant 2 weeks ago. This is my 2nd pregnancy. My daughter is almost 3. On Saturday i noticed blood and went to my hospital midwife unit unfortunately the early pregnancy unit only opens Mon-Friday here so the midwife i spoke to advised this is common in early pregnancy and to see if bleeding goes away. I was having mild period like cramps.But i could call the EPU in the next citys hospital I called the early pregnancy unit there they advised to wait 1 hour and to call back. I soaked through a sanitary pad by this point so i waited the hour and called back. They advised to come in. The Dr there done and ultrasound could see a sack but no baby me and my husband cried. She then done an internal ultrasound and we could see wee bean with a heartbeat. What she did notice was a small blood clot due to implantation and this was causing the bleeding and said i have a “threatened miscarriage” so not out of the woods yet as this could end the pregnancy. She said pregnancy will by 12 weeks absorb the clot and i have to be re scanned in 2 weeks to see if this has got any bigger and see how pregnancy is developing. I am still bleeding but not as heavy and now 6 weeks 2 days based on size of wee bean.

Has anyone experienced this before? My first pregnancy was brilliant as i had no complaints. 2 weeks seems like forever! Im trying not to stress out but cant help it.

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Awwwww hun. What a nightmare your going through. Sending you posotive thoughts hun. I personally have no experience of this but I do know women who have and are offered regular scans till the clot has gone. I'm sure some will be in touch with you. It's good the bleeding is calming and I hope and pray it absorbs and your bubu is just fine.

Bless you I'll try tag some ppl that I know had a clot through pregnancy. Xxx

I think lianm8 might be able to offer experience advice


Thanks i was back at the EPU today as I started clotting and baby is hanging in there wee bean got a good blood supply and blood clot is not affecting the pregnancy at this point so fingers crossed it stays this way. I am going for another scan next week for progress. I am off work and to have complete rest to try get the bleeding to stop. 😄 thinking positive thoughts.

Bless ya. I know it must be so hard for you. Glad their monitoring you keep me updated hun. Here if you need to talk


Thanks I will do. Hope you are ok xx

Well i had my appointment yesterday at EPU and all is well clot is still there but getting smaller baby has a strong heartbeat and good blood flow. Been signed off work for 3 weeks and still to rest by GP and scanned again in 2 weeks so fingers crossed it stays this way! 💕 xx

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Aw glad all is ok Hunni and all is going well with you and baby xx

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Mammamia2019 in reply to Sisi14

Thanks xx

Brilliant news xx

Thanks xx

So sorry! I’ve only just seen this the notification didn’t pop up for some reason! I had a clot and had three massive bleeds inbetween week 6-7 and bled brown up until week 12! Clots are quite common and most the time resolve by themselves. By a scan at 17 weeks it had completely resolved itself. Have lots of rest and don’t lift anything to heavy. Sending you lots of hugs xxxx

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Thank you its so scary as never had this in 1st pregnancy. This is a great way to give support and advise on all of this great talking to people who have experienced it too xx

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Yes I never had it with my first so when I had my first bleed thought it was all over. 99% of stories are positive and I’ve realised how common it is since I had one. This place is fantastic with all the wonderful advice.

Just make sure your getting lots of rest and not doing too much! Let us know how you get on xxx

I had this. We had an early scan due to previous ectopics they found a bleed next to sac at 5weeks 4days. We had to wait two weeks to go back. Longest two weeks if my life. Just try and keep rested and it will be time befire you know it. When we went back two weeks later the bleed had been absorbed completely abd we are now 15 weeks. Hope everything works out for you xx

Thanks I have never heard of this before and 1st pregnancy was plain sailing i know no 2 pregnancies are the same. Just hope wee soul can cling on. Midwife yesterday can see that its not affected the baby so far so thats a positive sign xx

***Wee update***

We are now 11 weeks had my scan again today at early pregnancy unit and they confirmed that the sac separation has all gone and baby is fine. Seen wee arms and legs moving and heartbeat is strong! So pleased got my official scan in 2 weeks so excited for that. Could not fault NHS and all the care we have had we are now no longer under EPC care 😄😄

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Sisi14 in reply to Mammamia2019

That’s great news my lovely 😊 I’m so glad all is ok and well. Xx

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